{Five on Friday // Fall edition}

 Way back when I used to do a "Five on Friday" where I would share about five random things.  It was a great way to share those things that don't necessarily warrant their own blog post. I'm trying to get back to being an "in the present" blogger - so here we go! 

{Halloween Bucketlist // 2022}


{Autumn Bucketlist // 2022}

It's no secret that autumn is my favorite season! I love when the leaves start to fall and when the weather gets crisp and cool! While the calendar may state an official "first day of fall", for me it's on the day of the first college football game! I mean, what screams fall more than college football? And it's then that I want to pull out all of my fall decor, sweaters & boots, light all the autumn-scented candles, and get busy on our fall bucketlist. We have so many fun fall traditions and I love it. Here's a look at our 2022 Autumn Bucketlist.


{Camping at Stillwater RV Resort // CampAroundTexas}

 We headed to Tyler, TX for a weekend of camping at Stillwater Resort. We went back in back in May but due to unfortunate circumstances, we didn't get to enjoy the pool/water amenities. This was our redemption run! 

{Grandparents Day // 2022}

 Nate's Grandmother's assisted living facility had a Grandparent's day event and we were blessed to get to go! They served mimosas and desserts and it was a great time of fellowship! Nathan's Grandmother, who we so lovingly call NeNaw, is so special to all of us and we love her so. She was so happy to have the majority of her family there!