{Halloween Spooktacular Camping By the Numbers // 2022}

 Anytime we go on a trip I like to document the trip by numbers. I'm not sure why, but these posts always intrigue me. Here's a look at our Halloween Spooktacular camping trip in numbers.  

3 stops on the way to Great Escapes

4 drinks, 1 bag of chips,  1 bag of beef jerky, 2 things of candy, 4 cigars bought

1:30ish arrival time

Campsites 207 & 208

2 Alcoholic beverages consumed (by me - didn't keep up with the others)

1 trip to Herd's Burgers

3 burgers, 3 bags of chips, 4 drinks, 1 Twix bar bought at Herd's 

3 trips to various dollar stores

8 strobe lights, 1 fall rug, 1 seat cushion, 2 drinks, 1 back of Fruit Loops, 1 bag of Cracker Jacks, 2 Hot Wheels, 1 surprise Lego pack, 1 large spider web decoration bought at said dollar stores.

164 pages read of my book

11 family members 

1 car show

134 photos taken

67 videos taken

2 haunted houses

2nd place in the site decorating contest 

2 night stay at the campgrounds

3 Boo bags brought

2 charcuterie boards made 

8 bags, 2 buckets, 1 cooler, 1 bike, 1 basketball, 3 pillows, 1 camera case, 1 Bible packed

92 the temperature on Saturday - ugh! 

106 miles from our house to the campgrounds

$86.60 the cost to board Lexi while we camped

2 new beds in the camper

1 new friend Mason brought back to meet us at the campsite

2 the number of people that actually put on their costumes on Saturday! It was too hot and we were exhausted from decorating! 

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