{Friends Christmas Gathering // 2022}

 I mentioned in my post about Nate's work party that we had a pretty close-knit group of friends. It's been so beautiful to see these friendships form and deepen over the last year. We are really like one big family just doing life together. All of the guys work together and the wives have become the best of friends. And as a bonus, all of our kids get along so well and are friends. We had a "Friendsmas" and it was one of my favorite nights with some of my favorite people.

We were missing a few but they were there in spirit! Everyone brought finger foods, we wore pajamas, we did a white elephant gift exchange, we played games, we danced, we talked, and we laughed for hours upon hours. This group is so fun, especially when all together!!

Feeling so incredibly thankful for this life God has given us, for the people he has surrounded us with, and for knowing exactly what our hearts needed.  

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