{Christmas Home Tour // 2022}

I've been meaning to take and share these photos for a while! I recently shared our home's exterior decorated for Christmas, so today I am sharing some of my favorite spots inside of our home. If I am being honest, my heart is getting sad knowing that this is all about to come down soon! I love this season so much! Does anyone else feel like their home looks so bare after the holidays? I sure will miss these twinkling lights. 

Ignore the messiness under the Christmas tree. This is life with a cat! Everything is a toy to her. And Mason's lego advent is scattered about! I didn't even put bows on the gifts for Mason...remembering what last year was like! Gifts to others are much prettier and reside in a different room until those festivities. ha! 

Do you decorate every room in your house or just the main rooms? We usually only decorate the main rooms, but I did decorate my bedroom a tiny bit this year. I loved it and think I may branch out to other rooms in the house next year! 

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