{Mavs vs Nets Basketball Game // 2022}

I posted here how we pulled off a pretty great surprise for Mason with tickets to the Dallas Mavericks vs the Brooklyn Nets basketball game. We went to the game on Monday, November 7th, and had the most amazing time!! Everything about the night was just perfect!! 

The game didn't start until 8:45pm that evening so Nate and I worked a normal day. Well, Nate got off a little early. We all got ready and ran to Academy and Hibbet before the game. The plan was to eat there but Mason asked if we could get In and Out burger instead. He didn't want to waste any time at the arena by eating! We grabbed some burgers and Mason and I ate on the way there. Nate ate once we got to the parking garage. Then we scurried up to the American Airlines arena to get in line! 

They finally opened the doors around 7:10pm. Mason was getting so jittery and anxious at this point!! We went through security and then walked out to one of the lower levels to get a good look at the court. Mason was pretty much in jaw-dropping awe from this point forward!! 

Then we made our way up to the third floor, where our seats were. We went out into one of the first sections we saw on the third floor to get another look. Mason wanted to see the arena from all the angles!! And wanted to see if he could spot some of his favorite players. 

Then we started heading toward our section but not before stopping in the gift shop! Mason found a mini-hoop that he wanted as his souvenir. He was so excited about it! Then we went to find our seats. Mason was so pleased with our seats and was so excited. Shortly after we sat down, one of his favorite players came out to practice. He was so giddy and ecstatic! 

We watched warm-ups for about an hour and then it was time for the game to start. Mason could barely sit still in his chair! His phone died so he made sure to tell me all the parts I needed to record! Especially the tip-off! Couldn't miss that! 

We had the most amazing time!! The game was intense and exciting and the energy in the arena was electric! I had a pounding migraine that made me nauseous for most of the game but that did not stop me from having the best time. I loved every minute of it. And Mason did too! That's what mattered most to Nathan and I.  Mason kept saying "this is so surreal" and "I just can't believe we are here!" and "I can't believe I am in the same place as my favorite players!" Melt my heart! There's no greater feeling as a parent than to see your kids so full of joy and happiness. 

The Mavs pulled off the W but it was intense down to the last second!! 96-94 win over the Nets! Mason wasn't too upset since the Mavs are also one of his favorite teams. He was just excited to see so many of his favorite players on the court at once! And he left there even more of a Mavs fan and Luka fan! He said he appreciates him so much more as a player after seeing him play in person. 

Mason had a hard time winding down once we got home (close to midnight) after living one of his best nights ever! My sweet boy! 

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