{Halloween Spooktacular Camping Weekend at Great Escapes // 2022}

Our Halloween Spooktacular camping weekend at Great Escapes was such a blast! It was the best of both worlds for me because I had my in-laws, my parents, and my sister & her family there! I love it when we can get both sides of the family together. We were able to get campsites right next to each other and it made my heart so happy! We've definitely got to do this more often. Here's a look at our spooktacular weekend...


{Halloween Spooktacular Camping By the Numbers // 2022}

 Anytime we go on a trip I like to document the trip by numbers. I'm not sure why, but these posts always intrigue me. Here's a look at our Halloween Spooktacular camping trip in numbers.  

{Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm with friends // 2022}

A couple of weeks ago we visited Shadow Creek pumpkin patch with some of our dearest friends. Most of these friends are friends of Nate (from work) and their families. It's pretty awesome because not only do the husbands all get along, but the wives have become great friends and the kids all get along and like each other as well. What a blessing that is! We were missing a couple families on this day, sadly! 


{Mason's 2022 Halloween Costume}

We finally found Mason's costume for this Halloween!! We had been looking online for a couple of weeks and everywhere was sold out of his size with no signs of it coming back in stock. We were starting to get worried. I mean, if you can't find something on Amazon it's basically non-existent, right?!?! We saw online that this particular costume was available in some Spirit Halloween stores, so we went out on the search! I'm so happy to report that after searching a couple of Spirit stores we found it, and in his size!!

Introducing Mason's 2022 Halloween costume...

{Boo Baskets // 2022}

 Making Boo Baskets/Bags each Halloween season brings me so much joy! I love creating little bags or baskets of all things Halloween to surprise our favorite people with.  I started putting together some Boo Baskets recently and I am loving how they are coming out. I can't wait to pass these out. 

{Halloween 2022 Bucketlist Update // Carve Pumpkins, Hocus Pocus Movie Night, & Haunted House}

 I know we're still a few weeks away from Halloween, but we've already put a good dent in our Halloween Bucketlist for 2022! It has been such a fun and sweet season so far! I'm soaking up these moments with my boy before he's too "big" for all these Halloween and fall traditions! I pray I still have a few more years of this! 

{FIVE ON FRIDAY // Bible Study, Mr. Beastburger, Halloween Pails, Willow's birthday, Soccer}

 Happy finally Friday!! These October days seem to be flying by at the speed of lightning! It makes me sad because October is one of my favorite months.  We got a cold front on Sunday, so the weather here has been glorious all week.  Here's a look at our week...or five random things from our week.


{Annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch // 2022}

 Mason and I decided to get up super early on Wednesday (like when Nate did at 4:30am), but for good reason.  It was pumpkin patch day!! We hung out at home for a bit, he ate breakfast, and I did some chores. Then went to get coffee and head over to the pumpkin patch! Mason and I have been visiting this sweet little pumpkin patch (put on by a church in a nearby town) for 5 or so years now! It's such a special time with just he and I.  We learned from the last couple of years that going around lunchtime was 1.) really hot, 2.) the sun is too bright for pictures, and 3.) it's way too crowded, so we opted to go super early this year! Best decision ever! 

{Annual Hocus Pocus Night // 2022}

This little Hocus Pocus tradition that Mason and I have has easily become one of my favorite nights in October! I always look forward to it and he tells me that he does too! We got a bonus Hocus Pocus night this year and we're not mad about it! We love it so much!! Of course, ours was much more low-key! 

{Autumn Bucketlist 2022 / carve pumpkins, college football, pumpkin coffee, decorate the porch, pumpkin for chickens}

The weather has been so glorious lately (in the mornings and evenings) and I am soaking up every minute of it. We are chipping away at our autumn bucket list and have already done so many fun fall things! Here's a look at the things we've done so far!


 We had such a beautiful weekend and I am sad to see it go. Weekends in the fall just hit a little different!! It was full of family, friends, fall things, football, & Jesus. Here's a look at our weekend.

{Spooky Shirley Temple // Halloween 2022}

Shirley Temples...but make them spooky! 

{Five on Friday // Bible, Buddies, Pumpkin Patchin', Blogging, and a bunch of other randomness}

Happy, happy Friday!! We did it! We made it to Friday...and that's worth celebrating! I always forget how hard the changing of the season can be. Especially when Texas can't make up its mind when it comes to the weather. My sleep schedule is crazy off right now, I'm freezing in the morning and sweating in the afternoon, and the allergies have started! Whew! Here's a look at the randomness from our week!

{Ghost Malone}

 I was scrolling either Facebook or Instagram when I ran across this shirt. I immediately went to Etsy to see if  there was an SVG for it and there was!!! It was an instant purchase/download. I like to make my own so that I can pick out the type of sweatshirt I put it on! So what was it???


{AUTUMN PORCH // 2022}

Decorating my porch for the seasons will forever be one of my favorite things to do! I love creating a festive, warm, and welcoming space right at the entrance of our home. And there is just so much magic in the autumn season! I love the cozy vibes that fall brings. Mason helped me decorate the porch this year and that was so special to me. I'm sure this space will change a bit throughout the season, but here is what we started with.


  I won a 4 pack of tickets to Screams -  a big Haunted House park out here in Waxahachie. It's the same grounds they use for the Scarborough Faire! There are 5 haunted houses, food, pubs & taverns, side activities, a show, etc. Ellis County Living Magazine did a contest and I was one of the winners! Mason didn't want to go so we invited our friends Keri & Michael to come with our other two tickets!! We had so much fun!

{Weekend Wrap-up // Cattle Drive, Screams, Cleaning, & Football}

 Happy Monday!! We had a pretty chill and low-key weekend and I am okay with that. From here on out, our weekends will be filled to the brim with all things fall, Halloween, and then Christmas festivities start! I am here for it, though! This is hands down my favorite time of year!! Here's a look at our weekend. 

{Five on Friday // Truth, Instagram, Sunrises}

 Happy Friday, y'all! Did this week seem super long to anyone else? I felt like it was dragging. Anyhow, I am so glad that it's Friday and so ready for the weekend.  We have a couple of things planned and I am excited. But first, it's time for Five on Friday.



 There are very few things that get me as excited as the fall season! It's been a while since I have shared our Hall Family Fall traditions!  And, they've changed a bit since I last shared them. That's the beauty of traditions - some go away, some stick for a lifetime and then you make some new ones along the way! Traditions truly are my jam. I love the nostalgia of revisiting something each year but also making new memories with that tradition. There's so much beauty in it! 

{Halloween Charcuterie Board}

 For the Hocus Pocus night, I made a Halloween themed charcuterie board. I think it came out so great. Nate and I just went through the seasonal sections and picked out everything we thought people would like! I found these little witch hats at the dollar tree. I just broke off the picks and put them throughout the board. 

{The most epic Hocus Pocus watching party // birthday}

 I mentioned on my weekend wrap-up post that we attended the most epic Hocus Pocus watching party for our dear friends daughter's 15th birthday. It was the most perfect night and will definitely be one that we remember always! I can't get over how awesome everything was!

{Weekend Wrap-up // Epic Hocus Pocus night, Football, shopping}

 What a weekend we had! It was chock full of family, friends, fall goodness, and football. All the things that are such a sweet source of joy for my soul! Here's our weekend wrap-up...