{Thanksgiving // 2022}

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. We celebrated the holiday at Nate's parent's house with his entire family, aunt, and Grandmother. It was a sweet day filled with precious moments. I didn't get to see my parents & siblings this year and while that made me a bit sad, I knew they were exactly where they needed to be. My dad was in Tennessee celebrating Thanksgiving with his dad. I know that filled his heart to the brim and so my heart was happy for them. We weren't able to travel to Tennessee this year due to work. I had to work Mon-Wednesday and then had to work 3-4 hours on Thanksgiving morning. My heart was there in spirit! 

Nenaw & her boys

Nenaw and her girls + Cooper

The only picture I got of the food - the fruit "turkey" tray that I made

The day was full of good food, good fellowship, and fun with the boys. Caron and I watched movies on the iPad and he told me all kinds of stories while Cooper ran around like the wild child that he is. Mason hung out on the couch between his NeNaw and his dad! These three boys are such a joy!! And of course, you can't get a room full of boys without a little wrestling! They had a blast. 

Full bellies & full hearts. We have so much to be thankful for. Today & always. 

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