{Update on Potty Training}

We have been working on potty training Mason lately. He does fairly well at school, but not so much at home. He has absolutely no interest in going potty at home. We've tried getting him his own little potty, using the toddler potty ring on our potty, and even just letting him use the big potty. He's not a big fan of any of them. He's only gone potty at home maybe 4 times total. We haven't been too strict with it, though. His pediatrician says to let it be his idea and when he's ready. So, I'm not that worried about it. My goal is to have him potty trained before he's three. I think we can do that :) ha!

But, a couple weekends ago I let him wear big boy undies. He was excited and did really well for maybe 2 hours and then he wet in them. He had just finished drinking a huge thing of juice and as I was saying, "Okay you just drank a lot let's go potty" he was already making a puddle on the floor! Thank God we don't have carpet!!


Since I originally wrote this he is doing much better. He asks to go when we're at home now. He's gone #2 in the potty at school 2 times now!!!! 

{InstaFriday 9-28}

life rearranged

Wagon pulls
"Fixing" Mason's Jeep
Papa added a flag to Mason's Jeep
Still "fixing" Mason's Jeep
Beautiful Texas skies
Blog plannin
Mason accidentally writing on the table cloth over and over helping me 
Got bit on his ring finger
My office entrance
Side of my office
Here's a flower for you, Mommy
And another one
Playing in the sandbox
Pictures with Mommy


{Today...three years ago}

Three years ago today our lives changed forever!!

Friday, September 25th 2009 I woke up to take a shower and get ready for the day. We were meeting our best friends at the train station to catch a ride to the Texas State Fair. I walked into the bathroom to find that Hubby left a pregnancy test out on the counter for me. Subtle, right? He had been asking me all week to take the test and I kept telling him that I would on Friday. Friday marked 2 weeks of me being late. I was so incredibly nervous. After two years of my hopes being crushed every month by a false sign on that little white stick, I was apprehensive. Who am I kidding, that's a total understatement! I was a wreck. 

This time was different. It was even harder because I actually felt pregnant. Hints of nausea, sore boobs, and tired like no other. I tried and tried not to get my hopes up, but I just felt different. I felt pregnant. My heart just couldn't handle seeing another negative sign so stayed up all night trying to talk myself out of feeling pregnant. Seemed like it would be less devastating if I prepared myself that way. 

I took the test, laid it on the counter and started my shower. I had planned on taking my shower and then checking the test. But then I thought I should check the test first so that I had my shower to cry and think about how I was going to break the news to hubby. {he was still in bed sleeping}

I had the biggest knots in my stomach. Finally, I grabbed the little digital test and it read "pregnant". Tears just started flowing. All of those things I had been feeling were validated with that little white stick! I ran to the bedroom, shook Nate to wake him and then I showed him the stick. I didn't say a word. Neither did he. He just grabbed me and hugged me.

We got ready and headed to the train station....both of us sporting a HUGE smile. We got out of the car and walked over to meet the Browers. They were getting their things out of the car and setting up their stroller. Nate couldn't wait any longer and had to share the news. They were the first people we told! We wanted to tell our parents in person, but already had plans for that day.

Towards the end of the day I started feeling so sick. I think it was a combination of the heat and all of the food smells at the Fair. I felt silly for feeling so sick considering we had just found out. But in reality, I was already 4 weeks pregnant!!

Nate bought me 3 more tests on the way home. I took 2 more {all positive} before we headed to tell the parents. 

So now, the 25th of September, the Texas State Fair and the Browers hold a special place in my heart!!!

{It's that time of year...Dove Season!}

There is nothing more I love than to see my two boys together.
Especially when I see Mason loving the things that Nate has always longed to do with his son some day. Hunting was pretty close to the top of the list. 

{Interview with the Hubbs}

Last week I sat down with Hubbs to ask him some questions for the el bloggo.
It went something like this...

What was your first impression of me?
 - That you were nice

How accurate now do you think that was?
- 90%

Can you name three qualities that attracted you to me when you met/got to know me?
- Nice, hot, and you were a cheerleader. 

What was I wearing the first time you met me?
- Cheerleading outfit

 What is your idea of a truly romantic evening?
- Just spending time together, doesn't matter what it is.

If you weren't in the profession you are now, what would that be and why?
- Navy Seal because of their strengths and the brotherhood they have. And they shoot cool guns.

What is your dream destination and why?
- Anywhere there is beach and water..because, well, there's beach and water.

What is your favorite move of all time?
- Bull Durham

Can you give me a mock session of how you would discuss sex education with your child?
- Well, I'm not gonna beat around the bush.

If you won the lottery, what are the three things you would do and which are the first five things you'd buy?
- Delete my facebook, Hire a lawyer, Rent a limo
- Truck of my dreams, Vehicle of yours, A Hill Country Ranch, A Lakehouse, Cabin in the Mountains of Colorado

What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
 - Having to go to the ER for my testicles and having all young nurses and doctors. 

Favorite Sport?
- Baseball

Favorite color?
- Red

How many kids?
- 2

What are your three best characteristics in your opinion?
- My outgoing personality, my drive to make people happy, and my determination.

 What's your nickname for me?
- Babe

What's my nickname for you?
- Snuffleluffagus

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
- He-man, and GI Joe

What do you remember from our wedding day?
- The green label Sauza and how hot it was.

Do I annoy you?
- No. But yes.

What do you think about blogging?
- It's cool, not something I'd do...but it keeps you off the streets. Haha

What was the first thing you thought when you met Mason?
- How perfect he was and that he was the one that made me a Dad.

What was the best decision you ever made?
- You

{Birchbox Review - September Edition}

In my box this month - with my personal opinions.

BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir - 
 LOVE it! Smells divine. Hubby loved it too.

LiQWd Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner-
I used these samples last night and there wasn't enough to cover my hair. My hair isn't super long, but there was only maybe a nickel size of the product in each of the samples. I don't feel like I got a good shampoo or condition. But I love the smell and the way my hair felt weightless after it dried. I'd like to try more of this product.

LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst -
Didn't have much result from this product either. But definitely giving it another go.

Color Club - Insta-this
I haven't tried this color yet, but have tried other Color Club polishes and love them.

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm
I like this product pretty well. Goes on smooth, but not much coverage. 

I have a couple of these and love them. 

My friend Stephany got a bit of a different box. You can see her review here.

{Wordless-ish Wednesday - Country Living}

I love that this is my life...

{He said what?!? V4}

Time for another dose of things Mason says...

7/26 - We went to Abilene to welcome home one of our best friends from deployment. As we were leaving the Air Force Base Mason says, 

"I want to fly that little airplane. That would be AWESOME!!"

7/29 - Mason "Mommy you're a boy and Daddy is a girl"

Me "oh really Mason?"

Mason "uh huh"

Me "then what are you?"

Mason "I'm me, Mason"


7/30 - Mason wanted me to lay in his bed with him and watch tv. We climb in his tiny little toddler bed and he says - 

Mase - take your shoes off Mama
Me - they are off baby
Mase - let me see your toes

I stuck a foot out of the covers...

Mase - let me see the other toes


{Weekend Update - Dallas Zoo}

**note - all pics from phone. Haven't even taken the memory cards out of my cameras from this weekend!

Friday - went to dinner with Nate's parents and some family friends then back home to hang out (no pics)
Saturday - met some of our really good friends for some Dallas Zoo adventures! Mason and Tanner are best buds and had a wonderful time. After the Zoo we went to Allen/McKinney for some shopping {Cabelas, Cheaper than Dirt, Children's Place}.
Sunday - Nate had to work so Mason and I ventured out. We got Mason a haircut and got groceries.

{How to tell if your pictures are being taken from your blog}

Just found a super great tutorial to check if your pictures are being stolen from your blog.

Kevin and Amanda Blog

Click here

{Dis My Sweet Sweet Boy}

Mama, dis my happy face

Dis my sad face

Dis my sleepy face

Dis my mean face

 Dis my very very happy face

Dis my e'cited face


{DFW Bloggers Meetup}

This past Saturday I went to my first ever Texas Blogger meetup! We met at A Piece of Work in Fort Worth and it was a complete blast. Julie, Taylor and Sarah did such a fabulous job coordinating the event. From the event itself, the wine, the appetizers, the group; it was all perfect!!!

Normally I would talk myself out of going to something like this. Mostly out of fear. Fear of people liking me, of fitting in and of being away from my boys. But something kept telling me to go. I'm so glad I listened. I left there with new friends and feeling like part of such an amazing community.

I was incredibly nervous on the way there and got an instant migraine. {happens when I stress} Knowing that Amanda was going took a little bit of the edge off. She and I talk almost every single day so I felt like I kind of knew someone. But, of course traffic didn't care about us wanting to walk in together. So, I had to suck it up and walk in alone. nbd. ha. Just glad I didn't fall down on my face while walking in the building.

Everyone was so warm and inviting! Most of my fears suddenly vanished. I could tell it was going to be a great night.
We started the evening off just sitting around talking, drinking wine and snacking on some amazing appetizers. We talked about blogging and people gave advice. It was nice to finally put faces with names and blog names. Oh and what a hilarious group to be with. Everyone was so funny. 

The actual painting was a trip! I don't have a bit of artistic ability...and you'll see that below! ha. Our instructor was incredibly nice and so patient with us. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Before I ruined a perfectly good canvas!!

Amanda and I

Can I just claim that my 2 year old painted this?!

One of the greatest groups of ladies you'll ever meet!

{If you really knew me}

 This post has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time. I've been adding to it as I "think" of things. A friend recently inspired me to finish this post.

You'd know that...

It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to write things about myself.
Ask me to write about my hubby or son and you'll get yourself a novel.

I have freckles everywhere except my torso.

I am passionate about many things in life, but mostly about being a wife and Mommy. 

Family is everything to me.

I'm sensitive and sentimental.

Fall is my most absolute favorite time of year.

We had a yorkie named Diesel that we lost last Thanksgiving and I still drive around our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods in hopes of finding him. I miss him dearly.

My hubby and I truly are best friends. We've been together for 16 years with not one breakup ever. And we rarely fight.
I know it's rare and I am very thankful.

College and a career never really mattered to me. All I've ever wanted to be was a wife and Mother. I consider those two of the greatest blessings in life.

I get migraines.

My Grandparents live in TN and my heart hurts because of the distance. My Papa is one of my most favorite people ever.

My favorite colors are Turquoise and Pink.

I'm addicted to taking pictures.

I desire to be more "domestic".

I am a huge OU football fan! BOOMER SOONER!!

I'm only 5'3ish.

Want to know more? Click here or here