{2015 Christmas Photo Challenge // Recap 3}

I have had so much fun joining in with Stephanie for her 2015 Christmas Photo Challenge // #2015ChristmasMoments. I am pretty sure this is the first monthly photo challenge that I have actually completed. I am sad that this season is almost over and that this is the final recap.
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Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!

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{Merry Christmas}

 photo MC_zpsnzarb5pq.png  photo halls1_zpsiidpjizf.jpg  photo halls2_zpsyulk06yx.jpg  photo halls3_zpsbg6l0loa.jpg

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

{Christmas Bucketlist Recap // Bethlehem Revisited // Breakfast with Santa}

Christmas time truly is the best time. I don't like that it flies by at the speed of lightning, but I try to enjoy and savor every last minute of the season. We have so many Christmas traditions to fit into such a short month. We recently checked off another couple of things from our 2015 Christmas bucketlist.

The 2nd weekend in December we went to Bethlehem Revisited. I love that this is becoming one of our Christmas traditions. Bethlehem Revisited is an amazing event that our town puts on the first two weekends in December each year. It's like taking a step back into old world Bethlehem {2000 years ago} on the night that Jesus Christ was born. It's such a moving experience and I love to share it with my sweet family. The live nativity is so beautiful and touching and gives you all the feels.

 photo beth2_zpsfwwttm9j.jpg  photo Bethlehem1_zpsqihqnkn2.jpg

We also went to breakfast with Santa @ the church {on the 12th}. It's such a fun morning! There is all kinds of breakfast foods, crafts and of course pictures with Santa!! Each kid brings a gift to donate for Christmas. This year Mason made magic reindeer food, a placemat for Santa's cookies, a mug, and a snowglobe. We had the best time!!

 photo santa2_zpsoo3gqmol.jpg  photo santa1_zpsrumoa1zo.jpg  photo santa3_zpszcev65cb.jpg  photo breakfast 1_zpsolxcl1se.jpg

Another item we have checked off is watching the reindeer cam. I have it downloaded on my phone, but Mason's awesome teacher also played it for them several times. It just so happened that Santa was going to be feeding the reindeer during our Christmas party!! The kids loved it.

 photo reindeer_zpsds5ocxwt.jpg

 photo Christmas bucket update -reindeer cam breakfast bethlehem_zpstvlbkprr.jpg

{Christmas Bucketlist Recap // Deckin' the Halls and Trimmin' the tree}

I keep on and keep on forgetting to post about this! I mean, it was one of the first things we did this Christmas season. I posted about our 'decked out halls' for the Christmas home tour linkup, but have a few more pictures to share to share.

We bought a real tree this year. We normally do, but last year I got impatient and put up my artificial tree. I regretted it big time. There is just nothing like having a real Christmas tree. I love walking into the door and smelling it and I love how no two real trees are exactly the same. We had it on our bucketlist to go to the tree farm, but sadly we're not going to make it. The Saturday we had planned for it rained buckets and was so cold. The next Saturday was the same. So, we went the day after Thanksgiving to Home Depot and bought a tree. And? I am 100% happy with it. It's beautiful, smells divine and it's held up pretty dang well.

We immediately changed into Christmas pajamas, turned up the Christmas tunes and started decorating our tree once we got home! It's one of my favorite things to do as a family.

 photo deck1_zpsjxiw6q5e.jpg  photo deck3_zpszkemjzox.jpg  photo deck4_zpsmz6vumfl.jpg  photo deck5_zpsh9uyyeki.jpg  photo deck7_zpsxpzva3ce.jpg  photo deck12_zps8qf5w6ht.jpg  photo deck11_zpsddb0qryr.jpg  photo deck9_zpsb7iqvafi.jpg  photo deck27_zpscqg3czyw.jpg  photo deck14_zpsysy80yrs.jpg  photo deck15_zpsmke8m8w1.jpg  photo deck13_zpsafixe8pi.jpg  photo deck18_zpsennldd7e.jpg  photo 2_zps8xfhvbdk.jpg  photo deck25_zpsuo0nyrqe.jpg  photo deck26_zpsbgbtx1j0.jpg  photo deck22_zpshkoj9hxl.jpg  photo deck24_zpswzw1pxd3.jpg  photo deck28_zpsximl3nzx.jpg  photo deck30_zps9jklilue.jpg  photo deck29_zpsne7hwkqn.jpg
 photo bucket - update - tree and deckin halls_zpsrcxehhmm.jpg

{Guys Behind The Blog // December Edition}

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1. What's on your Christmas list this year?
 I would like a fishing kayak, but they are expensive.  Maybe a new knife or something I can use.

2. Did you believe is Santa as a child? Do you have any funny Santa stories? 
Yes I believed in Santa, still do. It has changed from him giving to him building, but it is still fun.

3. What is a Christmas tradition you hope to pass on someday?
Waking up Christmas morning and seeing the goods (presents) and going to Mom and Dads and spending the day opening gifts, eating and watching Christmas Story.

4.  Do you open presents on Christmas morning or a different time? 
We have about a 3 day Christmas with both sides of the family but Santa gifts are Christmas morning.

{To elaborate a little...we normally do Christmas with Nate's Grandparents the weekend before Christmas. On Christmas Eve we hang out at home and then go to parent's house to eat and hang out. We used to spend Christmas Eve with my family, but after my brother got divorced we changed it to work around when he would get his boys. This year for Christmas Eve we are going to a candlelight service and then supper with Nate's family. Christmas morning we will wake up to Santa and gifts at our house. We'll hang out a bit here just the three of us before we truck on over to Nate's parents house for Santa and gifts over there. On Saturday the 26th we are all gathering at my Aunt's house for Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We are doing a sandwich/soup/salad/whatever type of potluck and then a chinese gift exchange. We are spending Christmas with my family on the 1st this year.}

5.  What is your favorite Christmas song?  Movie?
I am not a fan of any Christmas songs but I do like the Elf and Polar express.

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{2015 Christmas Pajama Party // Christmas 2015 Photo Challenge // Recap #2}

 photo 8561dcd7-c2be-4ca6-895c-b9fff225b625_zpsnwuzqbcx.jpg

If there's one thing we love around here it's pajamas. Especially when they are fun and festive Christmas pajamas!! I love to see all of the different Christmas pajamas my mama friends find for their littles each year.

Mason's first pair for this season were bought by Nate's mom for our Polar Express trip back in November. She sent me a picture of these and I couldn't say yes quick enough. Because 1.) buffalo plaid and 2.) a deer with a scarf? Yes please!! I found the matching slippers by accident while grocery shopping one day! Score!

 photo 1_zpsmergy4yx.jpg  photo 2_zpsdqktjz6o.jpg

I found these while grocery shopping at Walmart. For less than $6 bucks I couldn't pass them up. They were adorable and I loved the striped pants. Unfortunately, though, these shrunk after our first wash and now the shirt is too small for Mason. But, he can wear the pants the rest of this season!
 photo 3_zpsaz4pd1nq.jpg  photo 4_zpsifkf5rvk.jpg  photo 5_zpsvsdrjeqw.jpg

And our elf Max brought Mason this third pair to wear for Breakfast with Santa.

 photo 6_zps55como2c.jpg  photo 8_zpsvybo3pyv.jpg  photo 9_zpspyqhadt5.jpg

And, these are still a favorite of ours from last year. I'm so happy they still fit. I loved these last year!

 photo 10_zpsdt6avz6t.jpg  photo 12_zpsvqqxcgwj.jpg

 photo Christmas Photo Button_zpsbggwbnod.jpg

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{Books we are reading this Christmas season}

Between book swaps, Scholastic book fairs {those are my favorite) and Amazon we have acquired quite the Christmas book collection! These are some of our favorites this season...

What are your favorite Christmas books? Any that we must have for a five year old?

{Bits of Cheer}

If you follow me on Instagram then you know it's been all about Christmas lately! But, I love it. #sorrynotsorry!! For this week's bits of cheer I wanted to share with you some of my latest IG posts.

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A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

{Christmas Home Tour}

Christmas Home Tour

I am so, so excited about this link-up. I love getting to peek inside the homes of my favorite bloggers, but even more so when they're decorated for the best time of the year! And, can I just say that I have taken about a hundred pictures for this one post? Only because I can't quit moving all of my decorations around and re-arranging things!! ha. So, here is what my house currently looks like...but you can bet that it will change again {and again} in the next couple of weeks!! Does anyone else do this?

Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour  photo 6_zpsl2blkhie.jpg DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Christmas Home Tour DIY Burlap Wreath Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour
Christmas Home Tour  photo 20_zps0w0apaig.jpg
Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour  photo 32_zpsyvhpyvv8.jpg Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour

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