{Go Stars!! // Mason's first hockey game}

A couple weeks ago, we went to the Dallas Stars game with our group of friends (guys from Nate's work + their spouses) and we had so much fun! There were 20-something of us, taking up three rows in section 330! 


At first, Mason wasn't too excited about going to the game. He had never watched a game of Hockey before and knew nothing about it. He decided to come with us since the whole group was going and he'd be able to see his friends. 

When we got there I noticed that we walked into the section that the Mavericks sent you to if it was your first game. They give you a patch to commemorate the evening.  So I walked up to see if they did that for the Stars game. They sent me to the guest services office., which was just a bit down. I asked the guy working and he said that was normally in a different section. I thanked him and was just about to go when he said "hold on, let me check to see if I have a pin or patch here!"  Then he walked into a closet behind his desk. He came back out with a Stars bag full of goodies and said "I found something even better!!" Mason opened the bag and was stoked to find a jersey, a hockey puck, a bracelet, a necklace, a lanyard, and more! He was most excited about the jersey. 


Within minutes of the game starting, Mason was completely hooked. He had just become a Dallas Stars and hockey fan. We all enjoyed the game. It was a good one and there was so much action. We even got to see a fight on the ice! Stars won the game 5-0!! Nate and I were talking about the game and how nothing really compares to the energy of the crowd at the Stars games!! It's electric and awesome. 

At one point, Mason and Lexi went out to the concession stands to get a snack. They came back and told us how the employee gave them their snacks for free and told them "God bless you". Oh, my heart!  There are still good people out there and it just warms my heart. 

Suffice it to say, this was an amazing first hockey game for Mason for so many reasons. He's added the Dallas Stars to his favorites on the ESPN app and he can't wait to go back and see more games.

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