{Roadtrippin' // Herd's Burgers // Texas Tuesday}

A couple of Saturday's ago we decided to make another day trip! I am really loving our Saturdays lately.  This time we drove to Jacksboro, TX to eat at our favorite hole-in-the-wall burger joint, Herd's Burgers. We found this place one October while camping at Mitchell Resort and now we eat there every time we camp in the area!  It's by far one of our favorite burgers. 

{Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX}

On the way home from our Strawn trip (after going to Lake Mineral Wells State Park) we also stopped at Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX.  We've been here many times before and it's always a good time. We weren't prepared to swim this time, we just wanted to see how much water was in the river. It wasn't much! Texas is getting a lot of rain lately so hopefully this will change.

{Father's Day 2023}

Father's Day this year was really sweet and special this year! Mason asked me if he could pick out, order, and pay for Nate's gift all on his own. Of course, I obliged, and he did so well! 


I mentioned in this post that Mason started the Rookie hockey program at the Star Center.  It's been a while, so I thought I would post an update. Mason is still going strong with hockey!! He completed the Rookie program, then moved on to Pre-Hockey Academy, and is now in Hockey Academy! 

{Mineral Wells State Park}

On our way home from Strawn, we stopped in Mineral Wells to check out Lake Mineral Wells State Park. We had heard lots of great things about it. Side note - Nate and I love to drive through state parks to check them out! We like to see if it's somewhere we'd enjoy camping one day. Anyhow, the state park was kind enough to let us do a drive-through. 

{Grad Party}

Last Friday we attended a grad party for one of the kiddos in our friend group. It was so much fun! It always is when our friend group gets together. We ate, drank, took pictures at the photo booth, danced, and talked the night away. 

{Rainbows and Sunsets}

We were on our way home last night and saw the most incredible and vibrant rainbow in the sky! We then made our way over to our secret little spot near Waxahachie lake to watch the sunset. I love how pretty the sunset can be after a storm! 

{Ranger Game}

The Texas Rangers are on fire and so fun to watch lately!! Don't get me wrong, we are die-hard Ranger fans over here, win or lose, but this new team is just exciting!! We got to attend Monday's game and had a blast! We had an extra ticket so we invited Nate's mom! 

{Roadtrippin' // Strawn Texas // Mary's Cafe}

This past Saturday we decided to do something a little different after hockey! We made a day trip to Strawn, TX. We had been wanting to eat at Mary's for quite some time and decided to finally make that happen! Strawn holds family memories for me. My Grandmother lived there as well as our family farm (where we had family reunions at).

{Ellis County Jeep Meet}

Our local Jeep meets on the first Thursday of every month. These meets are most often at a local restaurant in the Waxahachie/Midlothian/Ennis area. This month we met at Bluebonnet BBQ. We had an amazing turnout and the food was delicious!! 

{Midlo Scoops // JGM Ellis County Meet}

I've mentioned here before that I am a club vice president for a nationwide all girls Jeep club. It's such an amazing community of women and one that brings me great joy. We frequently have meets at local restaurants, arcades, movies, etc. It's just a night to get together and have community!  Our Ellis County chapter recently met at Midlo Scoops - an ice cream place in Midlothian. 


{Memorial Day Weekend}

Holiday weekends are just better when spent with family, am I right? I love these good, wholesome weekends of quality family time. We were missing two members of the Hall clan. And, we sure did miss them. Nate's parents rented the most beautiful lakehouse for our weekend stay. It was perfect and the time together was so sweet.