{Branson, MO Trip - Part 2 // Silver Dollar City // 2022}

Next up on our Branson trip was Silver Dollar City!! We've read that no trip to Branson (during Christmas time) was complete without a stop to Silver Dollar City! And after seeing so many photos, I knew they had to be right. Over 6.5 million Christmas lights? Yes, please!! We loaded up in our vehicles and headed to SDC, which was just a few miles away. As we are approaching we see signs that say "all parking lots full - come back after 6:30 pm," Excuse me? What???? We had just purchased almost $300 in tickets for the park for that specific day...


I was in sheer panic! Thankfully, Angel thought to ask if we could Uber into the park. They told us that we could! So we went to find a nearby parking lot to check into Uber. We found one that could be there in 12-ish minutes. Score!! Crisis averted!! This probably ended up working better for all of us. It was only $8 bucks to Uber there and we could all fit in one car. We saw signs that said parking was $58 at SDC!! Oh, and the Uber dropped us off and picked us up right at the front gate. Another score!! 

When we got through the gates we were shoulder-to-shoulder with one of the biggest crowds I had ever seen. Made sense with the parking lot situation. I started to panic again that we weren't going to get to enjoy the park and the lights! We were starving so we grabbed some food. By the time we were done eating, the park had cleared out so much. What a relief! Mason and I literally walked up and got on rides with not much of a wait at all. Sweet redemption after the last couple of hours we'd had!! 

The park was decorated so beautifully and I was just in awe! It was much like being on the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Let me just say that pictures do this place absolutely no justice. It's amazing!! 

While waiting on Mason to ride a roller coaster, we saw a lighted Christmas parade. It was beautiful!

There is so much beauty in every direction that you look at Silver Dollar City. I'm sure I was walking around with my jaw dropped the majority of the time. 

Midtown was unbelievable!! SO many lights...

This tree was spectacular! It puts on performances ever so often. The lights sync to the music and it's a sight to be seen. 

My favorite building at SDC was the chapel! It was the cutest. I could just picture a service there and how amazing that would be! Mason and I went inside of the chapel to check it out. It was beautiful!!

We somehow missed the live nativity and that makes my heart so sad. We'll just have to come back sometime and check it out.

Have you ever been to Branson at Christmas time? Or ever visited Silver Dollar City? I think I'd like to see it at day time sometime. 

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