{Annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch // 2022}

 Mason and I decided to get up super early on Wednesday (like when Nate did at 4:30am), but for good reason.  It was pumpkin patch day!! We hung out at home for a bit, he ate breakfast, and I did some chores. Then went to get coffee and head over to the pumpkin patch! Mason and I have been visiting this sweet little pumpkin patch (put on by a church in a nearby town) for 5 or so years now! It's such a special time with just he and I.  We learned from the last couple of years that going around lunchtime was 1.) really hot, 2.) the sun is too bright for pictures, and 3.) it's way too crowded, so we opted to go super early this year! Best decision ever! 

We went before work and school on Wednesday morning and it was just amazing. I mean, we were in the parking lot waiting for the sun to come up so that we had some light! I wasn't about to tote around the pumpkin patch in the dark! It worked out perfectly, though! We were the only ones there and got to enjoy ourselves to the fullest!! 

We started our day by putting in an order at Starbucks! We did this last year and enjoyed sipping on our coffee for the 15ish minute drive to the pumpkin patch! They were already crowded at 6:45 am! This Starbucks stays packed. We only have one other one, but it's inside of Target. Therefore, it has weird, short hours. Anyhow, we got our drinks and were on our way!

When we first got out at the patch I looked back and saw the Jeep and couldn't help but get this shot! Pumpkins and Jeeps are two of my favorite things. 

Then we were on the hunt for the perfectly imperfect pumpkins to bring home! Mason and I share a love for all of the odd pumpkins! We like the non-round ones, the knotty ones, the different-colored ones, the gourds, etc. I mean, I am obsessed with all pumpkins but I just have a different kind of love for those different pumpkins! Although, this time we needed a good ol' jack-o-lantern for our Halloween camping trip coming up later this month! Then we picked out some favorites for our porch!


We walked around the patch, we talked, and we took a ton of pictures together. I took some pictures of Mason on the stairs of the shed like I always do, but this time I was speechless over how big he looked! He's growing up too fast. And it reminded me of how these days are fleeting and that I need to soak up every last drop of time with him!! 

This pumpkin patch has a ton of cute displays and photo ops! We took advantage of those! 


Then we loaded up our pumpkin loot and took a few more photos! The sun was coming up behind the patch and looked so pretty! 

And here are the pumpkins on our porch! They add the perfect touch to our autumn-decorated porch. 

Sweet things I want to note from this day:

Mason busted into my room at 5:00 am asking if I was ready to go to the pumpkin patch! I love that he was just as excited about our morning together as I was. 

Before we left the house, Mason said "You look so pretty today, Mama!" Melt my heart!! And the way he said it gave me a flashback of little 4-year-old Mason when he used to tell me sweet things like that every time! Time slow down!!

Mason actually asked for me to take some pictures rather than me begging him!!

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