{Shutterfly Christmas Cards}

Now that I have Mason's Christmas pictures I am more than eager to order Christmas cards from Shutterfly. We didn't send out Christmas cards last year mainly because I was pregnant and lazy! Now that I have this precious baby boy I am so excited to get my cards ordered and on their way. :)

Shutterfly has so many great options on cards. It's just too hard to pick which ones I want, so I am asking for help. So, I need your help. Which one is your favorite? Which do you think would go good with the pictures I just posted of Mason? I love ordering from Shutterfly. The quality is always great.

Here are my favorites and I need help to narrow it down!

You can find this one here.  I love the idea of the collage and the "H" in the middle. Maybe this was a sign since it already had the H and that's our last name!! Plus the colors are great!


Can be found here. I love the layout and the style of this one. I think this one is at the top of my list.


Which can be found here. I love love love the writing on this one and the hearts!


Which can be found here. I'm thinking the black background would really make the colors in Mason's pictures stand out.


Can be found here. This one is just beautiful. And again, I love the black background.


Can be found here. I love the simplicity of this one. And the colors match Mason's Christmas pictures. I also like how his picture would cover the whole front of the card.
There are just too many great ones to choose from. Take a look here. Let me know if there's one I didn't mention that you like!
I'm also ordering a few calendars as Christmas gifts. I've ordered these many times and have never been disappointed. What a great/unique/personal gift to give that one person that has everything!! I love that you can personalize each month to have 1 picture or a collage of pictures. I will be ordering desk calendars too. Who wouldn't want to see pictures of an adorable baby boy while at work?? You can find calendars here.
So, help me! And hurry on over to Shutterfly to order your Christmas cards!

{Mason's Photoshoot}

On 11/13 Mason had a photo session with Kendra @ KT Photography and I got the photos last night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My little man is so handsome! I just melt everytime I look at these!

We had the first session of the day - 8:00am and it was freezing outside. Mason was too cold and curious to smile and then Santa frightened him. But somehow, Kendra managed to get good pictures and even some of him grinning/smiling!

{All this Red stuff is fun}

Mason's favorite color is red! It always catches his eye. So I just know he's going to love CHRISTmastime!!!! :) We were getting out our decorations on Sunday and Mason was so curious about everything!! Daddy even put the lights up for him and he loves them. Ahh, I just love this time of year!!!

{Mommy get ready!}

A few times lately when doing "Tummy Time" Mason has gotten into the crawling position. It won't be long! It's hard to believe his Daddy was walking at 6 months old! Last night Mason was doing the backwards crawling thing. He was all over the place!!!

Is it just me or does this green shirt make his eyes look really blue??

{My BIG little boy}

So, I was browsing the net the other day about things a 6 month old "should" be eating and found this on the Gerber website:

Your baby’s growth

At 6 months babies usually range from 24 inches long and 13.25 pounds (10th percentile) to 27.25 inches long and 18.5 pounds (90th percentile).

Well, we weighed Mason a couple weeks ago and he was 20lbs. WOW!!!

These pictures make him look so big.

{First time in my high chair}

Sometime last week we finally put together Mason's high chair at home. He's been sitting in high chairs for weeks at restaurants, but we hadn't gotten around to setting his up at home. Well, we should  have done it a long time ago. Makes our "dinner" time so much easier. Not to mention, Mason loves it! He grins and plays and likes to look over the sides of the chairs at Diesel (who is hoping Mason will feed him something). Ha! 

{26 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 26 weeks!!!

I’m going to need for time to slow the heck down!!

That's 182 days, 4368 hours, 262,080 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Most rockin’ 262,080 minutes of my life!!

This week marks your half birthday. Seriously?? You’ve been with us for half of a year now? When I was pregnant it felt like I was pregnant for years and was so anxious to meet you. Now you’re HERE! Some days it feels just like yesterday that we had you, but others it feels like you’ve always been with us. People ask us all t he time what we did before we had you and I honestly do not know! I do know that Mommy and Daddy have never been this happy or have had this much fun. Seeing everything for the first time through your eyes has been the most amazing journey we’ve ever been through. I love doing family stuff with you, making new memories and taking pictures every step of the way. Mommy-hood is hands-down the most amazing gift God can give a woman! I just can’t explain what you’ve done to me, Mason. You have changed me inside and out. The outside is obvious – ya know the chubbier waist and butt...joking, kind of. But SERIOUSLY words could never describe what you’ve done to my insides. My heart especially. It’s probably not healthy to have a heart this big!! You make me melt with every ooh and ahh and make me smile with your laughs and your facial expressions and gush over how insanely cute you look in a new outfit. I often cry just looking at you because I can’t believe Daddy and I have been given such a precious gift. Mason, you are amazing. You make me happy, oh so happy. Thank you for bringing so much into my life. For making me love being a Mommy. For making everything so brand new. For making me extremely proud. And for making me love your Daddy even more than I already did.

Thank you God for choosing me to be this amazing boy’s Mommy! I am forever blessed.

Lets see, at 25 weeks...you are learning so much!

- You can now “bounce” when we tell you too.

- You are taking steps when holding your hands

- You give kisses…Mommy’s favorite

- You know where your toes are and LOVE them

- You love music, all kinds, and love to sing too. You also love to be sung to. I think you are the only person in this world to appreciate Mommy’s singing. You love “I like to eat, eat, eat Apples and Bananas”. You also love “Jingle Bells”.

- You have lots of “fuzz” coming in. It’s so cute. Maybe soon we can give you a baby mo-hawk!!

- Sleeping has been great this week. We tried something new and it’s been working. For your first night-time feeding (between 11:30 – 1:30) I give you a cereal bottle. You are getting more satisfied and sleeping longer. Yay! Not sure we’ll ever see the day we sleep all the way through the night, but that’s okay.

- You love to eat! You want everything that Mommy and Daddy has. You also love to drink from a straw.

- When on your stomach you’ve gotten into the “crawl” position a few times.

- You love to sit up on your own and play with your toys.

- Bath’s are still a fun and exciting time in the Hall house! Last night we were getting you ready for a bath and I carried you out of the bathroom and into Mommy’s room to get something and you started fussing. You wanted your bath!

- As for clothes – most of your pants are size 6-12 months, 9 months and 12 months, shirts are mostly 12 months, pajamas are mostly 12-18 months. I love dressing you. You are cute in everything we put on you. You definitely dress better than Mommy and Daddy.

- Still size 3 diapers. I think this is the last box before we move up to size 4.

26 week pictures:

{25 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 25 weeks!!!

That's 175 days, 4200 hours, 252,000 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Most wonderful 252,000 minutes of my life!!

I can’t believe next week you will be 6 months old. Where has the time gone? Today Daddy and I were reminiscing and looking at pictures of you from when you were just days old; it was bittersweet. Daddy found a picture of you and I cuddled up and asleep in the hospital bed and said, “Some things never change”. He’s right!! We sleep like that every night. I love cuddling with you…it’s my absolute favorite. You have become quite the cuddle bug too. Mommy can’t get enough! Mason, you are so much fun. Each day just brings more and more joy. You interact so much with us now and we just love it. My favorite is to kiss your belly repeatedly; you crack up! And it’s so fun now that you know where your toes are. We love to play the “Mason where are your toes?” game!!! And you love your toes! We’ll keep playing the “toe” game for a few weeks and then move on to the belly or head! You are so smart and pick up new things everyday. It’s such an amazing journey!

Lets see, at 25 weeks...

You reach for what you want and get angry when you can’t get what you want! I think we are in for some fits….

You give kisses and it’s the sweetest, most heart-warming thing EVER!!

Your hair is still growing. It’s lost most of its red tint and is mostly a blondish/brownish color.

Sleeping – we seem to be back on your normal schedule…going to sleep between 7:30-8:30 and waking at 1 and 4 for a bottle. And you’ve been fairly easy to put to bed too. Thank you Mason!!

You're still a bigger fan of being outside than inside. Not sure what we're going to do in the Winter!!

You love your baby food and you are a champ at eating! It’s so fun to watch you, but sad at the same time. Fun because you’re so good at it and sit with your mouth perched open like a baby bird, but sad because you look so grown up when you eat! This week we tried Sweet Potatoes/Corn and you didn’t do so well. It gave you a tummy ache. I’ve heard from many people that corn is hard to digest. So, we’re going to avoid that one for a while. We also tried chicken noodle and you weren’t a big fan. You kept spitting it out. Mac-n-Cheese is your ultimate favorite and you like most fruits. You also had some gravy for the first time. Just a couple little bites.

Your new favorite thing is to drink from a straw. Anytime you see one you lunge for it.

You’re so close to turning from back to stomach…but you grab your feet and start playing every time. Not much longer, I’m sure.

You are starting to take more 6oz bottles than 4oz. You are a growing boy! We still try to give you 1 juice bottle a day. And sometimes you get a fruit at lunch, then a vegetable and fruit at dinner.

Mostly in 6-9 month clothing and a lot of 12 months too.

Still in size 3 diapers this week! Next box of diapers we buy will for sure be 4’s. The 3’s are getting snug.

Still love your baths! You think Mommy and Daddy need a bath each time you do and are happy to share your bath water with us!! You just grin and splash away. We have to lay towels around the counter!!

Aunt Leslie still keeps you Mon-Thurs while Mommy and Daddy work. You love Aunt Leslie and Cousin Tanner so much. We wait at the door for them each morning and you grin so big when Aunt Leslie tells you Good Morning! We couldn't ask for anyone better to watch our sweet boy for us!! We are blessed.

Now for the 25 week pictures:

We love you, Masonbug!!!