{Thanksgiving with NeNaw // 2022}

Last week, Mason, Nate, and I were blessed to go to Nate's Grandmother's Thanksgiving dinner at her assisted living. They only allowed 4 guests per resident, but because Nate's mom is a volunteer there, we were able to bring Mason as well. He started not feeling well though and ended up going out to the Jeep to lie down. We know now that he was getting a cold. Anyhow, the dinner and the evening was just wonderful. I love any chance we get to have family time.  

The meal was tasty and the company was amazing. I could tell how happy it made NeNaw to have her family there with her. And, can we talk about how pretty she looked? I just love her so very much and feel blessed to call her NeNaw for the last 26 years!! 

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