{Colorado // Day 1 // Exploring Silverton, CO}

We began our drive to Colorado on Monday evening (August 17th). We drove a little over 4 hours and then got a hotel for the evening. We wanted to get a jump on the drive so that we had more time to spend in Colorado!! We drove the rest of the way on Tuesday, August 18th, and got into Durango around 3:30 pm.

{Colorado trip // August 2020}

 Much like most of our trips, we decided last minute to head to Colorado for a week. I had already taken off work for a Jeep event (that we later decided we didn't want to go to), Nate had some time off, and Mason's new homeschool start date got pushed back, so we decided we wanted to take a trip somewhere. I mentioned Colorado, of course. I have been wanting to go back to CO for the longest time. Nate mentioned asking some of our friends if they wanted to go and the rest is pretty much history! It really was just a matter of perfect timing for all of us!


{Falling for Fall // Fall 2020 Bucketlist}

The temps here in Texas have been glorious and it's actually starting to really feel like fall. I couldn't love it more if I tried. Fall is my most favorite time of the year and I get so happy and so giddy. I am obsessed with fall weather, fall clothes, fall scents, fall foods, fall festivities, fall traditions, topless rides in the Jeep, fall crafting, etc. September 22nd may have been the actual first day of fall, but my heart was in fall mode after school started (Sept 8). Here's a look at our Fall 2020 Bucketlist. 

{Del Rio, TX // August 2020}

Still playing catch-up here. Back on the weekend of August 7th, we went to visit some of our best friends down in Del Rio, TX. I took off on Friday and Nate was off, so we left super early that morning. We wanted to get there as early as possible to have as much time as we could with them. 

{Jeep Meet at Bluebonnet BBQ // August 2020}

 Back on August 5th we attended a Jeep meet with our local Jeep club. We went to a local BBQ place that just turned over new members. They also have a new menu and did some upgrades to the place. It was neat to see all the new details of Bluebonnet. 

{Jeeps at the Lake // August 1st}

Back on August 1st one of our favorite Jeep groups had a weekend at the lake. We weren't able to camp with the group, so we just went out for one evening. 

{QUARANTINE HOME PROJECT #8 // Wreath Refresh}

I like to switch up my wreaths with the season (or when they start looking ratchet! ha). It was well past time to update this one. I wanted it to be more spring/summery. I think I nailed just that!

{Currently // Sept 2020}

 Hey y'all! It's been 47 days since I last visited this space! I have so much to catch up on. I thought I would come back with the "Currently" post I missed this month. I'll include a little life update below.