{It's the Little Things // Mason & Diesel}

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"Diesel, I am your brudder and I will always love you and watch out for you. I will never hurt you," - Mason

Oh these two!! They fill my heart with so much joy! Mason is head over heels in love with Diesel and says that he's the puppy he's always wanted. I am so, so happy Diesel is back into our lives and that he and Mason are the best of friends. Mason truly is the best big 'brudder' to him and I can't wait to watch him with an actual sibling someday. 

PS - if you haven't read Diesel's story click HERE >> it's a good one! 3 years away and he's back home. 

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{Swim Lessons // Summer 2015}

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Mason started private swim lessons last week! We attempted swim lessons last March, but didn't really complete them. The place we went was a swim school and instead of teaching them survival in a week or two {like most places} they spread it out over different levels {starting at 1 and going up to 12, which could take months or a year +}. It was a swim school where you could eventually be on a competing swim team. It was almost like gymnastics the way they did it there. We quit the school as Mason lost interest. So this year we decided we wanted to get him in private lessons. I remember several different family friends using a lady a town over from us and contacted one of them to get her information. She comes pretty well recommended. We called her and by the Grace of God she had a cancellation and was able to work Mason in! We were thrilled. The only time she had open though was last week at 1:30pm M-F. Thankfully my Mother in Law was able to take him M-T and Nate took him on Friday. Nate was so excited to see all that he learned during the week and said that Mason did awesome. He took video and pictures for him since I was not able to go.

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Lessons went really well and Mason learned so much. And most importantly, he enjoyed the lessons.  My Mother in Law says that he was so anxious to learn each day.  I am so glad we were able to get in with Shelby!! 

Also, I bought Mason a new pair of swim trunks that are red & white. He calls them his lifeguard swim-trunks. It reminded me that I had swim-trunks for Diesel from when he was our first baby. That poor pup wore clothes all the time. Anyhow, I dug them out and put them on Diesel and Mason thought it was hilarious. He laughed for a solid 5 minutes and then asked me to take pictures of them. ha! Oh how I love these sweet boys of mine.

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Diesel looks thrilled, doesn't he? He's a good sport, though. 

Do you take your child to swim lessons?

{First big boy injury}

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When we were in Tennesee Mason got his first big boy injury! Sure, he's had bumps and bruises throughout his 5 years...but this one is the biggest yet. 

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While we were cleaning up the church {after my Papa's birthday party} we let the kids go play on the tiny playground next to the church. We were all sitting outside when Mason came up crying. He was on the teeter-totter with his cousin and when he was in the air his cousin jumped off and Mason slammed down onto the metal handle. He cut his little chin open and bruised it up pretty good. He was such a big boy, though. I know that it hurt but there were so many eyes on him that he didn't cry that much. We cleaned it up and put a bandaid on it. It wasn't deep enough for stitches, but deep enough that it kept bleeding. We went to Walgreens to get some liquid bandaid and some butterfly bandages, but it was so humid and Mason was so sweaty that nothing wanted to stay on. 

Honestly, it broke my heart into a million pieces. I don't think there's anything harder than seeing your child in pain. I wanted to take it away with every fiber of my being. I know he's a boy and this is probably the first of many injuries {although I pray it's the first and last}, but it's still hard. 

Poor guy! But, it didn't keep him from playing his little heart out Saturday night. And it's healing up pretty good now. 

{A Grateful Heart // Tennessee}

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>> Linking up with Ember Grey for A Grateful Heart <<

Over the weekend Nathan, Mason and I traveled to Tennessee {along with my parents, sister & her family, 2 uncles and some cousins} to surprise my Grandfather for his 75th birthday. It was a short trip filled with lots of driving, but it was worth it. It was so, so good for my soul.  I adore my Grandparents and hate that there is 9 hours that separates us. 

We left Friday morning at 3:30 am. Our plan was to leave while Mason was still asleep so that he would hopefully sleep for the majority of the trip. About that. Yeah. He didn't sleep a wink. He was entirely too excited and decided that 4 hours of sleep was enough for him. Surprised the heck out of me because this child averages 10-14 hours of sleep a night. We were only about 10 minutes from home when I noticed him being a wiggle worm in the back seat. I looked back to see him bright eyed and busy-tailed. I told him he needed to sleep and he says...

"Okay Mama, but I have to tell you something really important before I go to sleep. I saw a meteor in the sky. It was red and it was real and it was AWESOME!!"

haha! Needless to say, he didn't go back to sleep the whole 9 hours of our trip! And he wasn't a walking nightmare, either. We had a really easy drive and arrived at my Aunt & Uncles around 12:30 pm. Then we waited for the rest of the group to arrive so that we could all head over to my Grandparents to surprise my Papa. My aunt and uncle went a few minutes before us so that my aunt could have her camera ready.  My uncle and him were going to be playing a song together at church on Sunday so my uncle started a conversation about that. It worked and didn't raise any suspicions with my Papa.When we all pulled up my Papa was in the garage at his computer station. He heard the commotion and started walking out. My sweet Papa had tears in his eyes. And that hug I have been longing for {over 5 years} was so good for my soul and my heart. I just love him. 

That evening we hung out at my grandparents house. We had about 30-35 people there. And then we all went to supper at a nearby mexican food restaurant. Saturday morning got up and hung out. We ran several errands to get ready for my Grandpa's surprise birthday party. It was held at a nearby church and about 60 friends and family were there.  And to say that my Papa was surprised is an understatement. We had bbq, fellowship and cake. We also took some family pictures. 

 photo 7_zps0b0x7hfg.jpg  photo 20_zpsyr1ixgrt.jpg

After the birthday party we all went back to my aunt & uncles house to visit and hang out. I loved every single second of it. We sat on the deck while the children played on the playset and chased and caught fireflies. Sunday morning it was time to pack up and head home. We said our goodbyes to my aunt and uncle and headed over to see my Grandparents before we hit the road. We were able to spend a good hour with them. We left when they were leaving for church.

I am so grateful for this trip. Grateful for my husband and driving us there 9 hours & 9 hours back. Grateful for my family. Grateful for love, and hugs and photographs and joy.

Also, due to no phone service I was forced into a weekend unplugged and it was refreshing. I am grateful for this as well. I was able to spend quality time with my family without worrying about snapping pictures and Instagramming my weekend. I didn't take many photographs at all, but the memories will be forever in my heart. 

Until next time Tennessee....

{Guys behind the blog // June edition}

Linking up with Betsy at Heaven's to Betsy for the June Guys Behind the Blog. This is one of my favorite series to join in on. I have to note that I usually send these questions in an email for Nate to answer while he is at work. I'm always surprised at how short his answers are and people have commented on how he's a man of few words. And that makes me laugh! That's totally opposite of Nate. He's a talker. So, I am thinking I need to ask him these questions in person to get more convo out of him. :)

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1.// What's the best vacation you've ever been on? >> Disney 2015
{posts here, here, here, here here, and here}

2.// If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go? >> A beach somewhere out of the US

3.// Are there any summer traditions that you have or would like to start? (Think things like big picnics, summer activities, bonfires or day trips!) >> Camping with the family! 

4.// The 4th of July is coming up...what's a must have picnic or bbq food for you? >> Ribs and potato salad

5.// Thing about your ideal vacation...are you in a cozy cabin, camping in a tent, or hanging in a hotel? >> I'm a beach guy so give me a fishing pole and a beach with a full ice chest and I am a happy man. 

And because he didn't really answer the question I will. We are camper people! His mom and dad have a huge 5th wheel camper that we usually stay in. And when I saw huge I mean in like that we have our own room and bathroom. And when we go somewhere without them we always look at getting a cabin before a hotel.

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{It's the Little Things // Swim Lessons}

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Mason started private swim lessons this week. The only time the instructor had open {by grace of someone else cancelling} was for weekdays at 1:30, so my mother in law has been taking him for us. He came home pretty excited yesterday. His instructor asked him to go under the water for 10 seconds and he went for 28 seconds. That's a big deal for a kid that just up until a week ago didn't like his face to get wet! ha. Anyhow...he came home from swim lessons and made this face ^^ and says...

"Look Mama I don't even have to hold my nose to hold my breff at swim lessons. See"

Oh parenthood....even the simplest of things make you so darn proud!!!

Oh and in other news...he now wants to be a lifeguard when he gets bigger.

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{It's the little things // souvenir from Disney World}

I posted this on my Instagram yesterday, but wanted to post it here too. We accidentally found this stand while stopping to look at a map at Magic Kingdom. I knew this would be the perfect souvenir from Disney World and couldn't wait to get one made! $8 bucks for two copies, yes please. What I didn't know is how awesome it would turn out and how much it would truly look like my little Mason Lane. It's perfect!! It looks just like him and it even shows his little cow-lick! And the most impressive part was that she just looked at him and cut and that was it. And it came out this great. I will cherish this for eternity! And I can't wait to get this on our gallery wall.

Do you have a souvenir that you love a little more each and every time that you look at it?

{Weekending // Glen Rose TX}

Gracious! I have been neglecting this blog something fierce. I blame it on Life. It's happening so fast lately. Disney put me 8 days behind on everything...then when we got back we hit the ground running with Tball and a tournament...then my co-worker was out of the office for basically 2 weeks and I had to cover for her...then we went out of town for the weekend and here we are at Tuesday 6/16. Oh and we will be out of town again this weekend. ha. I will catch up one day. But ya know what? Even though it's been crazy it has been enjoyable. I have loved all of the family time lately. 

Anyhow, this past weekend we went to Glen Rose, TX with the family on a camping trip. We had a complete blast. We went Friday after work and got there around 6:30 pm. It's only about an hour drive from us, but we hit some traffic on our way out. We hung out at the campsites for a while and then made our way over to the river & Big Rocks Park. We were amazed to see how much water was rushing through {last time we were there it was basically dry} and how high the water had gotten with the recent flooding we had in Texas. We didn't really go prepared with swimsuits, but that didn't stop us from getting in the water. Most of us only went about ankle & knee deep, but Mason and Nathan got all the way in! Mason was in heaven. He loves the water. 

 photo Glen Rose_zps2bjtbsw8.png  photo 1_zpsy1xla3kk.jpg  photo 2_zpse9nvswlp.jpg

Saturday morning we got up and went to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. We got there basically when they opened in hopes of {1} beating the crowd, and {2} the animals being out and about before it was entirely too hot. And, it was a success on both accounts! We were able to drive through and spend as much time as we wanted in each area! And the animals were hungry so they were coming right up to our truck! Mason loved every minute of it. 

After Fossil Rim we went and had brunch at a little diner there in Glen Rose and back to the campsites to regroup. Then a group of us went to downtown Glen Rose to hit the antique shops. I found an amazing turquoise frame that I have crafty plans with! 

 photo 3_zpscfuv83xs.jpg  photo 4_zpsiwz4gr6l.jpg  photo 6_zpszyik3xih.jpg

That evening we hung out at the campsites and left right before 9pm because Nate had to work Sunday morning. Nate went in super early so that he could come home early. We spent the morning cleaning the house, doing laundry and grocery shopping. That late afternoon we had a friend and her 3 little babes come in from Houston to visit! Such good times!!!

 photo AAA1_PM_zpssdooq9p8.jpg  photo AAA2_PM_zpsiiblcqsm.jpg  photo AAA3_PM_zpsejcg7zcr.jpg  photo AAA4_PM_zpsdc1u1jmw.jpg  photo AAA9_PM_zpsdkm4g3be.jpg  photo AAA5_PM_zpsy0dlkhqr.jpg

 How was your weekend?

{A Grateful Heart}

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Linking up with Ember Grey for a Grateful Heart. This is one of my all time favorite link-ups. It's so refreshing to sit down each week and think about all of the things {big and small} that I am ever so grateful for. This sweet I am grateful for all things summer-time. Mason is staying home with me this summer and so far we are just having the greatest time!! I am trying to soak it all up before he starts Kindergarten in 2 very short months. 

Grateful for:
+ sweet summertime
+ blow-up pools
+ warmth
+ a break in all of the rain {i know we needed it and for that i am grateful too, but happy for sunshine}
+ porches
+ homemade ice-cream
+ twinkle lights
+ smell of fresh cut grass
+ power-wheels that make my boy so happy
+ sunsets
+ sweet neighbors
+ quality time with mason

Our plans for the summer:
+ camping
+ spend time at home; grilling, swimming, bonfires
+ get a library membership
+ snow-cone dates
+ swim lessons
+ start gymnastics

What are your plans for the summer?

{Disney World // Epcot}

Our last and final day at the parks was spent at Epcot. I am pretty sure it was my 2nd favorite day at all of the parks. I remembered thinking Epcot was so cool {when I visited for Cheerleading Nationals in HS} and it definitely didn't disappoint this time. It's easily my 2nd favorite park at Disney. And it was a good park to spend our last day at because we were able to move at our own pace and the crowds were not bad at all. 

As soon as we got there we took our pictures and got the stroller and then got straight on Spaceship Earth. I was surprised that it wasn't already packed since it's the first ride in the park. After that we went to the future world. We had a fast pass for Soarin pretty early so we made our way over. I think Mason and I were the only ones excited about this ride before it started. Everyone else looked like they were about to puke. ha! But it was so neat and I think almost everyone enjoyed it. I loved that as you soared over the water & falls you could smell fresh water & trees and over the orchard you could smell that, too. So cool! I could do this ride over and over. After Soarin we straight to Living with the Land because there was no wait at all. It was a nice little boat ride through the Land Pavilion. We enjoyed it. After that we had a fast pass for Nemo and Friends. It was actually kind of cheesy, but the colors were pretty. We ended in the aquarium so we walked around and looked for a bit before we saw that Turtle Talk with Crush didn't have a long wait. So went to watch that show. If you go to Epcot, this is a must. We loved it so much. It was hilarious and so fun for the kids. Crush interacts with the audience and lets the kids ask him questions. Kids come up with some crazy stuff, I tell you. 

After those attractions 6 of us went to grab some lunch and the other 2 went to check out some of the countries. Lunch was chaotic because there were two different school groups in there and every line was packed. But, we had some pretty good food. After lunch we made our way to the countries. We met back up with Nate's brother and his wife for a bit. We started in the UK I believe and Nate tried a Bass Ale beer. I don't think he was impressed. But then again, he's not a big beer drinker anyway. Nate's brother wanted to wait in line to see Mary Poppins so some of us went to check out some other places. We made it to France and went through some shops and then back to get Mason. After that we pretty much split into 3 groups because everyone was moving at a different pace and wanted to see different things. We enjoyed walking through each country. Mason got ice cream in France and loved it. And we ate some amazing nachos in Mexico. I will say that Epcot isn't so much of a kid place. But it was definitely okay with Mason. It was day 6 and he was exhausted beyond belief and was much happy to just hang out in the stroller and relax. 

We left the park before 6 I believe and went to our hotel's pool! We had so much fun that night. It was the perfect way to wrap up our last night in Disney!

And there is our recap. In case you missed any of the Disney posts just click here

{Disney World // Magic Kingdom Round 2}

On Day 5 we went back to Magic Kingdom. Everyone told us that MK was huge and would need at least 2 full days to truly experience it. Honestly, we did everything we wanted to do that very first day. I guess we were lucky with smaller crowds even though it was Memorial Day! For Round 2 we went to the park later so that everyone could sleep in {we were plum exhausted at this point} and so that we would stay later at the park and watch the electrical parade and fireworks! I'm so glad we did. It was pretty amazing. The castle show was just about the coolest thing I have ever seen!  We had a really great time and I also found my most favorite souvenir ever {picture below}!!

Only 1 day of recaps left!