{Happy Halloween // Halloween Costumes Past}

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If there is one thing Mason loves it's dressing up! He has a plethora of costumes and wears them on the daily. I think I will be getting up early on Sunday morning after Halloween and catching the 50% sale at Target to get him some more costumes. It's time to replace some that he's outgrowing {but still proudly wearing}. In the spirit of Halloween and all things costumes I wanted to share Mason's Halloween costumes from the years past.


Mason was only 5 1/2 months old and was teething pretty bad. He wasn't feeling it and I didn't want to put him through wearing an annoying costume. He just wore a cute little Halloween shirt instead and we stayed indoors watching movies and eating festive foods. Well, us adults did at least. Mason just wanted to cluster-nurse all day/night.

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Mason was a little Texas Ranger and melted our baseball loving hearts!! We had a lot of fun putting this one together. We found the tiniest baseball pants {xxs} and they still swallowed him. But, they were precious. He already had the jersey and we just added the socks and armbands and belt.

 photo A01_zpshkaah768.jpg


Mason was obsessed with all things Fireman. His Nana went online and found him a costume that was almost a complete replica of a real fireman suit. Little did we know that he would get 3-4 years of use out of this costume. Every time we saw real firemen they were so impressed with how 'real' his suit was. 

 photo A02_zps6du5gldr.jpg


The famous Fireman suit again! We weren't ready to give this one up just yet. It's so perfect. And Mason was still obsessed with Firemen, so it worked. 

 photo A03_zpscomjgmby.jpg


We probably would have retired the Fireman suit {for Halloween at least} this year, but Mason moved to a new preschool called Firehouse Kids. The owner's wife is a Fireman so the whole school is "Fireman/Firehouse" themed. It was only fitting that Mason wear his Fireman costume to all things Halloween at school.

 photo A04_zpsyrovut4q.jpg

He also picked out a new costume this year....WOLVERINE! We were strolling through the Halloween section at Target one day and came across this costume and Mason had to have it. He still wears this one quite often.

 photo A05_zps3b9vh47l.jpg

2015....what will Mason be this year?? Hint - it's not the Ninja costume he recently got. Come back later this month to find out!! There may even be a family costume theme this year.

Have a fun and safe Halloween night. 

{Five on Friday // Getting Boo'd // Frankenstein Juice Boxes // Pumpkin Teeth // Halloween S'mores}

Happy Friday and Halloween Weekend! It's supposed to rain buckets on Saturday. I am praying the weather cooperates. If not, we will just go to the festival at the church since it would be indoors. I just know I will have one bummed out little five year old if he doesn't get to do the classic trick or treating. Anyhow, time for Five on Friday.

{O N E}

Posts from this week...in case you missed it.

Monday was all about The Fall Festival at the church
Tuesday I shared Mason's Halloween Pajamas for the Halloween Pajama party linkup
Wednesday I talked about the books we are reading over and over lately
Thursday featured the Mr. for Guys Behind the Blog

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{T W O}

Mason got Boo'd!! I mentioned it briefly here, but wanted to post more pictures. He was ecstatic!! He kept saying "I can't believe I got Boo'd" and "My Nana is soooo nice". haha. Nana even left treats for Nate and I. She's so thoughtful. Mason has enjoyed all of his treats all the live long week.

Boo'd Boo'd

{T H R E E}

Mason's teacher asked me to be room mom and I've been busy for the last two weeks with planning his Halloween party. It's been time consuming, but very fun. I mean...these little juice boxes {20 of them} took me over 3 hours to make. But? I think they were worth it. So cute. I purchased juice boxes, green duck tape, eyes, and black card stock for this craft. I wrapped each of the juice boxes with the green duck tape so that none of the juice box {minus the top} was showing. Then I free-handed the hair and mouth with black cardstock. Then I just hot-glued the hair, eyes and mouth on to each box.

I also made the kiddos goodie bags with a pencil, and eraser, candy, a glow in the dark bracelet, a spider ring, vampire teeth, etc. And then I made these little "Pumpkin Teeth" goodies. And just when I thought I was done I found another thing to make...ghost suckers! ha. I can't even imagine all of the fun I will have with the Christmas party. :)

Frankenstein Juice Boxes

Candy Corn Pumpkin Teeth

{F O U R}

I also made these little treats for some of the office staff at Mason's school. Halloween S'mores - so adorable, right?

Halloween S'mores Halloween S'mores

{F I V E}

I also made Mason's teacher a little "Fall gift". So now she has her own "treats" for the party as well. I gave her a burnt orange scarf {perfect for Fall and also their school colors}, a pumpkin scented candle, a couple pairs of socks, Fall themed notepads and candy. Just a little something to say Happy Fall!

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So there you have it. A little hodge podge of all things Halloween and what we've been up to this week.

What are your plans for the Halloween weekend?

{The Guy Behind the Blog // Oct Edition}

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Time for another round of The Guy Behind the Blog with Betsy at Heaven's to Betsy.

1 // We’re headed into fall, which means cooler temps for most of us…are you a warm weather or cold weather kind of guy? 

I am a flip flop and beach guy so I do better in hot weather.

2 // What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?  

Mom and Dad once made me a harness that had a baseball bat cut in half and attached to it to make it look like the bat was sticking through me.  I probably liked that one best and got the most comments on it.

3 // What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Probably Snickers or red tootsie rolls.   

4 // What are your favorite parts of fall (ex: football, the weather, Thanksgiving, etc)? 

Football, chili, hunting and Thanksgiving

5 // How do you feel about pumpkin spice lattes? (As a joke question hahaha)

I think they are for girls that blog and wear yoga pants or pajamas all day. {haha, so funny Nate!}

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{What we are reading Wednesday // Fall/Halloween edition}

Mason is obsessed with books. Like obsessed. It makes my little mama heart so happy that he loves to read. And one thing that we love is reading books for each season. Although, if I am being completely honest we read Halloween books in the winter and Christmas books in the summer. Mason is much like me in that he gets stuck on books for a while {like I do with songs} and wants to read that same book over and over.

These are the books that we have been reading on repeat all month.

Halloween Books 2015
Halloween Books 2015 Halloween Books 2015 Halloween Books 2015 Halloween Books 2015 Halloween Books 2015 Halloween Books 2015  photo 10_zpsvmm7ytds.jpg Halloween Books 2015 Halloween Books 2015
 photo 4_zpstmjp51cr.jpg

What books are on your Fall/Halloween reading list?

{Halloween Pajama Party Linkup}

Linking up for the annual Halloween Pajama Party again. You can see our last year's post here.

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If I am being honest, I kind of failed at the Halloween Pajama thing this year. I waited too late and every time I found a cute pair they were out of his size, or they would not be shipped in enough time to get enough wear out of them before Halloween. I did find a cute Monster pair though. They are small on him, so this will be our only year to get wear out of them. But that's okay.

He makes a cute little monster.

 photo 19_zpsuioxensl.jpg  photo 18_zpse5haz3ws.jpg  photo 17_zps1x48yv5m.jpg

We also checked another couple of things off of our 2015 Fall Bucketlist - find Halloween Pajamas and a Halloween Pajama Night!! I was going to make some festive foods for our evening, but Mason wanted to redeem his free pizza coupon for being a top reader in his class. Who am I to say no to pizza? haha. While we were eating our pizza Nana text me and told me to tell Mason that "I heard a noise outside". We opened the door to find a huge bucket of Halloween goodies. We got Boo'd. And Mason was ecstatic about it. He's been hoping to get boo'd this season and all his little wishes came true.

You've Been Boo'd

And it was perfect for our Halloween night! Nana is so thoughtful and cute and even included things for Nathan and I. It included all of our favorites. She knows us so well. Later we popped popcorn and then settled in to watch Hocus Pocus. It's our all time favorite Halloween movie!! We had such a good night. I couldn't stop thinking all night long about how much I loved that night.

 photo 33_zpsmzoltmau.jpg  photo 39_zpszxdkttzi.jpg  photo 38_zpszzkzce8t.jpg  photo 37_zps9oayjoli.jpg  photo 36_zpskjpwqbf0.jpg  photo 35_zpsnnwutmee.jpg

It was a perfect night!!

2015 Fall Bucketlist Update {those that have been done have been updated with the link to the post}:

+ make s'mores or the s'mores dip

+ make a fall wreath
+ decorate the porch
+ make fall crafts 
+ take Mason on a nature scavenger hunt
+ go geocaching around our town
+ buy pumpkins
+ decorate & carve pumpkins
+ have a Halloween movie night {most likely Hocus Pocus} with themed foods
+ find Mase Halloween pajamas
+ go to Mainstay Farms/Pumpkin patch
+ make a thankful jar with Mason
+ take Fall pictures
+ have a playdate with friends
+ go to the zoo
+ go camping in a tent
+ go to Round Top, TX for Texas Antiques weekend
+ stay in a cabin somewhere
+ follow a Fall photo project
+ go on a hayride
+ go to the Texas State Fair
+ visit the Farmer's Market
+ take Mason trick or treating

+ Boo a friend
+ roast marshmallows
+ bake Halloween cookies
+ buy a few 'fall' wardrobe staples
+ go to a football game
+ nacho bar for a football game watching night

{Countdown to Halloween // Fall Festival}

Is it just me or are festivals just so much better in the Fall? Yes? I think so. Last weekend we went to a Fall Festival at our friends church and it was amazing! The kids got to wear their costumes and trick or treat from the church members trunks or beds of their trucks. Mason picked out his police costume to wear to the festival {after a little battle over a too little and a little too dirty Wolverine costume}. He got so many compliments on it. I think he makes a pretty cute little policeman!!

 photo 2_zpspfh9obok.jpg  photo 1_zpszkunqn6c.jpg  photo 4_zpsawbz6sim.jpg  photo 5_zpskzryjjvp.jpg  photo 6_zpszl72yhe5.jpg  photo 8_zpsku5wgjrj.jpg

One of the members set up a Kid's American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and it was a big hit. Our boys went straight for it. There was a part where you had to swing on a rope over a little pool of water. Well, both of our boys got wet in some form or fashion! Of course! Another one of our favorites was a cake walk!! A few families went in together and baked so many good. We walked by an hour and a half after the festival started and the tables were still covered in goodies!! Mason won some ghost and pumpkin sugar cookies and was delighted!

 photo 12_zpsk5lkwrde.jpg  photo 13_zpszauvvinu.jpg  photo 11_zps0bqyucqn.jpg  photo 14_zpsyxmwor1a.jpg  photo 15_zpsagngsscl.jpg

After the cakewalk they went on a hayride pulled by a gorilla! They may or may not have bumped into a powerline. Oops. Thankfully no one was hurt. Next was visiting the Waxahachie Firemen that so graciously came out and visited with the kids. They let them climb all over the Firetruck and try on the firefighter's gear. Mason was all over it...even though the firemen gave him a hard time about being a cop. We had to tell them all about his awesome Firemen suit that he wore for 3 years!!

 photo 18_zpsovakyge7.jpg  photo 26_zpsks2oszgu.jpg  photo 25_zpspibkuaix.jpg  photo 24_zps5ltns0gr.jpg  photo 23_zpslo1t2rg3.jpg  photo 21_zpsgwavggng.jpg  photo 20_zpsnmg1oext.jpg

Then it was time for some hotdogs and drinks! While us adults were eating and chatting the boys went to get their faces painted. Mason told us he was going to get a mustache and a beard painted on, but came back with a spider and spiderweb instead! Ha.

 photo 19_zpsnva0qnjc.jpg

Sweet Turtle Soup

It was a great evening with great friends! Have you been to any festivals this Fall?