{The Polar Express // 2022}

The Polar Express looked a little different for us this year. Mason opted to not ride, which meant that Nate and I wouldn't be riding either. Ty & Michelle opted out as well. It made my heart sad even though I knew this time was coming. Mason's getting older and these days are fleeting. However, there was a last-minute change in plans and I was able to go on the Polar Express.  PawPaw gave me his tickets because Nana wanted me to come and take pictures. 

LeeAnn and I got there a bit early, so I went and took pictures. It was decorated so differently this year and I fell in love with the decorated little buildings. I kept thinking about how they'd make the most adorable little chicken coop! 

The littles were such a joy to watch on the train. The magic just melts my heart. They loved every minute of it. The anticipation of Santa coming was almost too much for my heart!! Look how sweet...


It was a sweet and magical evening! I just wish my boys would have been with us.

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