{Wordless-ish Wednesday}

He was so content playing with his tractors on the floor...then something on the TV caught his eye!
Oh how I love this handsome big little boy!

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{Hair Before/After}

Hair before -
Brownish/redish/Brassy/layers that need trimmed

Hair After -
Platinum blonde on top/dark underneath/trimmed layers

Not the best pictures in the world
but you get the idea :)

{Weekend Wrapup}

Oh weekends...why do you always pass by so fast??
Don't you know we need more time?
You know...to drive tractors around the house...visiting with awesome friends at the ballpark...and making silly home videos!
Yup, that's what we did this weekend! 

Friday night Nate had softball games and I opted out. Mason only had a 30 minute nap at school that day, so I didn't feel up to fighting a losing battle! He would have been wired in order to keep himself awake for a 9 & 10pm game and it's too hot {105+ degrees} to chase around a toddler. Mason and I hung out, gave him a bath and we watched some Chuggington together. He was out before 9pm. I was so.freakin.bored. I didn't know what to do with myself. lame.

Saturday we ran tons of errands and then we were off to the Ranger game!! It was so incredibly {scorching} hot, but we had a blast. We bought seats for the little ones even though they were free so that we'd have the extra room. Mason sat in his own seat for a long time. I couldn't get over how big he looked! Rangers lost {boo} to the Angels {double boo} but it was a good and interesting name. Not to mention the people watching. oh.my.gooooodness.

Sunday was spent grocery shopping and good ole' hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing.
Just enjoying one another.

{Flashback Friday: What a difference 6 months makes}

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! 
I found some pictures that I am pretty sure never made it to the blog.
These are from February
My bald little round face baby boy!!

And this is 6 months later...

He looks so much older to me now. 
More like a toddler, less a baby.

I love you, Masonbug!!!

{14 Months}

I know, I know. I'm super late on this post.
Ya see...wrangling a 14 month old for posed pictures is no easy task these days.
It's obvious by these pictures.
{warning, they're bad} Of course the baby is cute, though!

You want me to do what with this sign?

I'm Out

This is our life lately!

What's this boy up to these days?
I mean what is this boy NOT up to these days? {that's more like it}
Busy, busy, busy.
He doesn't stop. Like ever.
 25 lbs and holding strong
Size 18mth clothing {some 24 months} {what??}
Size 4 diaper {but we'll probably buy 5's at our next trip to target}
Size 5 shoe

Everything! But some favorites are:
His blanket {carries it everywhere}
Trains {Choo Choo's} - mostly his Chuggington videos. 

We have reached the point where Mason will say anything you ask him these days!
Even the hard words...he will try.
Like Motorcycle
Love that one.
He says Please and Thank you...and mama's favorite - LOVE YOU

Seriously kid- could you be any cuter? Could you be anymore fun?
We are having such a blast.

PS -
Yes, I realize he has on blue shoes
Yes, I realize our yard needs mowed
Yes, I realize it looks like a kindergartener took these pics

Don't judge! :)

{Wordless-ish Wednesday}

There are not enough words to say how much I love this boy. All of his pajamas were getting small, so I had to buy new ones...in size 24 MONTHS. Really? He's 14 months old! But how ridiculously cute are they?

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{Vacation Photo Dump}

Oh and needless to say...Mason is now obsessed with Sharks, Turtles, Boats and Water...

Random Vacation Pics...

{Vacation - Days 5-8}

Wednesday - one of the most fun days of our trip! It was my brother in law's birthday. We went to Aquarium in Corpus Christi and then ate at Joe's Crabshack. We love that the Joe's in Corpus is right on the water. Our table was by a huge window and Mason loved it. This was one of our best dining experiences. We were there over 2 hours, no doubt. Mason was wonderful and we had so much fun! Our waitress made a friend in Mason...she brought him crackers and a toy shark. He loved them both. :)

We even got in some cute family photos!!!

Holy heck my boys are handsome!!!!

This is what you get when you ask Mason to close his eyes!!

Thursday - we took a boat/dolphin tour. It was a blast. When I heard "dolphin tour" I was thinking yeah right....we probably won't see any. Boy was I wrong! We saw 35-40 of them. They even put on a show for us and came right up to our boat. The boat ride started out like poop, though! Mason wanted down to roam and he was throwing a fit. I was so scared thinking...here we are at the mercy of this boat ride for 1.5 hours with a fussy kid! Yikes. But once we got going it wasn't so bad...we kept Mason busy by pointing out everything to him. He liked the BIG FISH {dolphins} which he now calls sharks. Every type of fish or anything in the water is a "Shark" - except turtles. He knows the difference in those. Even though there are some types of trees that he calls turtles. Close, I s'pose. 

Friday - was our last full day on the Island so it only felt right to do the beach thing. We drove to Padre Island only to find the beach closed. There was a huge storm rolling in which made poor driving conditions on the beach. We did find a little nook to beach for a bit. Mason was mainly interested in chasing the birds. After the beach we went to a fabulous restaurant called Beaches and then did some shopping. Great last night!

It was a wonderful vacation. Even though Mason was a little crabbier than normal...yeah, did I mention the 4 teeth that decided to come in that week? 1 broke through...