{Trick or Treating // Halloween 2021}

 Our small neighborhood consists of mostly retired people who do not participate in Halloween/Trick or Treating. Not to mention that even if they did, the houses are so spread out. So, every year we have to drive into town to go trick or treating! We don't mind it, though. It's become a tradition to trick or treat Gingerbread Lane (main street in our town with old Victorian homes)!! My sister and her family joined us this year.

{Fall Carnival at The Avenue // 2021}

 We were so excited that our church was going to host the annual Fall carnival this year! It was cancelled last year due to Covid and we were so bummed. It truly is so much fun! The Avenue goes all out...from Texas State Fair rides & concessions to pony rides, to food trucks, a DJ, tons of inflatables, etc. There's something for everyone! 

{Halloween Party at our friend's house}

 Some of our friends invited us to an adult-only costume party at their house. Nathan and I never do anything like this (including dressing up) so we thought why the heck not? We decided to go with a classic theme...

"Talk To Me, Goose."

{Annual Hocus Pocus night // 2021}

It's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus...

We had our annual Hocus Pocus movie night last night! Mason and I always look forward to this day. We put on our Halloween pajamas, some festive socks, turn out the lights, and enjoy some delicious treats & watch our favorite movie!! It's one of my favorite Halloween traditions.

{Haunted Carwash // 2021}

 The town next door to ours hosts a haunted carwash each Halloween. Nate and I didn't get to attend it last year, but Mason got to go with my sister & family. He loved it! So we hopped on the opportunity to go this year! We went with Nate's parents. It was such a fun night!

{Trick or Treating on the square // 2021}

 Earlier in the day, my sister texted me to see if we wanted to trick or treat the downtown square. With all that had been going on with Diesel, I was so out of it. I didn't even realize that was the day for the trick or treating! I asked Mason and we both agreed it would be good to get out of the house. So we met them downtown for some trick or treating on the square. 

{My sweet, sweet Diesel boy // We will miss you}

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Diesel boy today. My heart is shattered and I am completely broken!! 

Photo from earlier this summer when Diesel was happy and healthy!

{My fall porch // 2021}

 Decorating my porch is one of my favorite things to do with each season! I always love fall decor and the way my porch comes out. It's a close second to my Christmas porch! Here was this year's fall porch...

{Fall Family Fun}

 Nathan's parents invited us all over for an afternoon of fall fun! NeNaw (Nate's Grandmother) was able to come as well, making it that much more special. We ate, we carved pumpkins, and just hung out and had an amazing time. 


 On our second (and last) day in Big Bend, we were on the road by 8:30 am. We were trying to fit as much into these two days that we could. We weren't able to get pictures at the Big Bend sign the day before because there were too many people there. So we made sure to stop on our last day there.


The second day of our trip included a full itinerary all in Big Bend National Park! Keri was so great to create us an itinerary to go off of. On our agenda was Santa Elena Canyon, Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, Mule Ears Viewpoint, Lower Burro Mesa Pour-off, Panther Junction Visitor Center, and the Window View Trail at Sunset! We were so anxious to finally see B I G  B E N D!!!

{Our trip to Big Bend // part 1 // Alpine & The Marfa Lights}

 B I G  B E N D has been on our radar/bucketlist for quite some time. At the beginning of this year, we kept saying we would plan a trip for October 2021. Then life happened and we never truly planned it. When our friends, The Chiles, told us they were planning a trip the 14-17th of October, we knew we had to join them! They were so gracious to let us tag along!! 

{Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch}

 For the last few years, Mason and I have been going to this sweet little pumpkin patch in a town next to ours. It's hosted by a church right next door to where Nathan's grandma lives. They always have the best selection of pumpkins. I love that this has become our sweet little tradition!!