{2018 Summer Bucktlist}

Sweet summertime! Oh, how I live for these days. Now that Mason is in school these summer days have grown to mean a lot more to me. I saw a meme the other day that said we really only have 18 summers with our littles and it made me so weepy! EIGHTEEN. That's not a lot at all. But, instead of harping on that I choose to live out these summer days the best way I know how. Here is our 2018 summer bucketlist...

"The road to freedom is bordered with sunflowers." - Martin Firrell

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to hop in the Jeep and drive some backroads. We chase the sunset and watch it fall over a field, creek, pond or lake. We usually have no agenda when backroading, but yesterday I was adamant to find a sunflower field. Normally they are pretty abundant around here this time of year, but it’s all about the corn this year. We finally landed upon a field of sunflowers somewhere in Ennis, TX. And, it was well worth the miles we covered.

{Catch-up Post}

Mercy, it's been a minute since I've visited this space. Life has been busy! I know that's so cliche, but seriously, it's the only explanation I have. I didn't plan on quitting this blog, a hiatus just happened. So, what have we been up to since I last blogged on April 25th?  Let's see...

{Mason's 2nd grade field trip}

A couple of weeks ago I got to take off work and go along with Mason and his 2nd-grade field trip. We went to a place called Yesterland Farms in Canton. They have rides, gem mining, a petting zoo, a park, tractor/train rides, etc.

{Ranger Game // Opening Day 2018}

A few weeks ago we went to the Texas Ranger's opening day! We took Mason out of school for this since they're not recognizing this as a holiday yet. I mean, it totally should be. It is in our family, at least. So yeah, Mason got to miss school and hang out with his parents and a bunch of other adults all day.