{Canton First Monday // April 2021}

 I took off the first Friday of the month so that I could join my Mother in Law, Sister in Law, and Brother in Law at Canton First Monday. We also invited my best friend, Keri. She's off on Fridays and was able to join us! I'm so glad she did. We had the best time.

{ECJ Meet // April 2021}

 Our local Jeep club has a meet on the first Thursday of every month. This month the meet was only a mile-ish from our house, so we were able to take both Jeeps. It's a rare treat when we get to take the CJ to an event! It's a trailer princess!! 

{A trip to the Dallas Arboretum // March 2021}

 Ever since we started working at home, my coworkers and I like to get together every couple of months. We usually meet for breakfast and catch up on accounts we're working on as well as our personal lives. It's such a sweet time to spend with them. One of my coworkers still isn't comfortable with eating at restaurants (Covid) so we found somewhere else to meet. We met super early at the Dallas Arboretum!

{We've reached a milestone over here}

 Mason is finally tall/big enough to fully operate the mower! He's been helping Nate mow our lawn for a few weeks now. We live on two acres and with only a normal riding lawnmower, it takes quite some time. Nate mows the front half and Mason takes on the back half!

{Lunch with NeNaw and Nell}

 A few weeks ago, we were able to pick up Nathan's Grandmother (NeNaw) and her really good friend Nell and take them to lunch. They were so precious and so excited to leave their assisted living facility for an afternoon outing! 

{First supper outside // Helloooooo Spring}

 I love this time of year where the weather is just perfect for eating outside on our porch. There is just something so relaxing about sitting under the twinkle lights and watching the sunset as we enjoy our supper. And, I especially love that we aren't having to bat off mosquitos. Spring is such a great time of year!! 

{Easter Chicks // March 2021}

 I'm sure y'all knew this post was coming! Having chicks around Easter time was too fun. I had to take some Easter pictures of them. So dang precious!!

{Aaron Watson // March 2021}

 Back in March, we were invited to an Aaron Watson concert with some Jeep friends. Not only did they have tickets, but they also had a VIP table at this concert. Nathan knows how much I love Aaron Watson, so with only a day's notice, he made it happen! We found a sitter for Mase and our dogs for Saturday afternoon/evening!

{Spring Flowers & Garden // March 2021}

  • Bring on the flip-flops, green grass, blooming flowers, and singing birds.


    {Skateboarding?? // March 2021}

     Mason and I both had a hankering for getting skateboards and learning how to ride them. So, the evening after all of our spring break celebrations & getting new chicks, we did just that! We had seen some at the mall earlier the day before, but we didn't want to pay pro board prices when we were just starting out. We went to Walmart and found two perfect boards for us.

    {Our first set of baby chicks // March 2021}

     I mentioned in the previous post that after our spring break celebrations we went and picked up something exciting! What was that exciting thing I'm talking about? Our first set of baby chicks!!! (well, first set this go-'round! - we had chickens about 12 years ago) We went to Atwood's and Mason and I picked out 10 sweet little babies to bring home with us!! 

    {Spring Break // Main Event & Bahama Bucks // March 2021}

     We carried our spring break celebrations into Saturday! We took Mason to a new Main Event that recently opened in our hometown. It was spring break, so we were expecting a massive crowd. We went in with an open mind and were pleasantly surprised. It wasn't overly crowded at all. 

    {Spring Break // KidZania // March 2021}

     Our last and final surprise to kick off Mason's spring break week was KidZania! We had wanted to visit last year when it came to Texas, but then Covid happened and it closed down. We were so thrilled to see that they were opened back up this year! They only sell so many tickets a day and you have to buy them in advance. So, we did just that! They did have some areas that were still closed due to Covid and they didn't allow the kids to put on uniforms for jobs. However, we still had a wonderful time.

    {Spring Break // LegoLand & Bricks and Minifigs // March 2021}

     I took off work on Friday, March 12th so that we could surprise Mason with a fun day. His spring break was the following week and we weren't traveling this year (saving vacation time for some bigger trips this year). So, we wanted to kick off spring break week with a fun day for him. He had no clue where we were going and was so excited! We only had to hear "where are we going" somewhere on the side of about 37,000 times that week! ha.

    Our first stop was....LEGOLAND!!!!