{Pin to Project // DIY Ribbon Skirt for Elf on the Shelf}

In all seriousness, what did we do before Pinterest? I've always considered myself a crafty person, but Pinterest just takes it to a whole new level. Last year an 'elf in training' was brought to our family for the Christmas season. Max was showing her the ropes on being an Elf on the Shelf, but after such a fun time with our family, Millie decided she wanted to become a permanent elf of Mason's. We were so excited she wanted to stay! Millie is a sassy little thing and always calls herself "Princess Millie". And, we all know that a Princess needs special clothing. I turned to Pinterest to find her something special. I came across this adorable DIY Ribbon skirt and decided to turn this Pin into a Project!

{Five on Friday // Thanksgiving Lunch, Deckin' the Halls, Wedding}

Happy Friday!! Other than a scheduled blog post on Wednesday I have been MIA around here. It's been crazy, Y'all!! We literally had something going on every day of the week. And, now that the holidays are near it's not going to slow down any time soon. I'm sure you can relate. Anyhow, here's a small glimpse of what we've been up to this week...

{Pinterest to Project // vol. 5 // DIY Harry Potter Butterbeer}

I am having so much fun turning all of these Pinterest Pins into Projects! Our most recent project was Butterbeer from Harry Potter! Mason and I are currently reading the series and watching the movies together. I've waited for this for a long time. To be able to re-read the series with him. And I am happy to say that he is just as obsessed with anything and everything Harry Potter as I am. We made a DIY Harry Potter wand not too long ago and had a blast doing it. So, it was only fitting that we try some Butterbeer.

{How we do Elf on the Shelf}

I am in full on Christmas mode around here!! I've had the Lauren Daigle Christmas station playing on Pandora every day since the day after Halloween and it's putting me in the holliest jolliest of moods!! I absolutely love this time of year and do everything in my power to make it special and magical for my family. As I was preparing for the next two months I started thinking about our Elves that visit us each year and wanted to share how we do the Elf on the Shelf around here.

{Currently // November Edition}

Happy Wednesday! It's time to link up with Anne for Currently; November Edition. Today we are sharing all about what we are appreciatingresearchingpostinggetting, and cooking.