{Five on Friday // Hallow lunch treats, Lauren Daigle, Pink Jeep, glorious skies}

Happy Friday!! This week went by pretty fast for me (no complaints here!). I had Monday off and I have today off. I could really get used to working only three days a week and having every Monday and Friday off. If only. I'm still getting over some terrible allergies/head cold, but feeling much better. Anyhow, here's a little bit of what we have been up to this week.

{Our marriage secrets // What works for us}

Nathan and I recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and on November 1st we will celebrate our 22nd year together. When people hear how long we have been together and see that we are still crazy in love we get questions like "how?" or "what are your secrets?" and even "and you're still happy?" And the answer is yes, we are still happy! Today I am going to share all of our secrets with you!

{Pinterest to Project // vol. 3 // DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtain}

I am movin' and groovin' on this Pinterest to Project thing. It's been so fun to watch these pins come to life. In case you missed my first two posts (DIY Fall Door Hanger & DIY Tin Can Pumpkins} I started a Pinterest to Project series here on my blog where I share with you some of the pins that I've turned into actual projects. I have way too many things saved that I want to do!! Today I am sharing a DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtain I made.

{Weekend Wrap-up // Screams, Oklahoma, Rest day}

Happy Tuesday! I was off yesterday (Hallelujah!) and spent the day with my sweet little love. He had no school because of a fair day, so I took off too! We had a nice day together. I'll recap that soon, but for now, I want to recap our weekend. We had a great family filled weekend!

{Five on Friday // Autumn Glory}

Happy finally Friday! What a week it has been. I covered another desk this week and let's just say that I am so glad it's Friday. It has been one long and trying week. We have a lot of fun planned this weekend and I am just ready to get it started. But first, here is a little Five on Friday...all about Autumn!