{The Grinch's Lair // 2021}

 Traditions are something I hold near and dear to my heart. And one of those traditions is our annual trip to the Grinch's Lair! The owners have become some friends of ours and it's always nice to see them! Mason loves to reminisce on the time he got to play the part of Max for the Grinch's Lair

{Palestine camping // 2021}

 One of our favorite Christmas traditions is traveling east for our annual camping, Grinch's Lair, and Polar Express weekend. The last two years we have camped at the same RV resort and love it. It's so close to everything we do there.

{Merry MEOWmas // Willow's Christmas photoshoot // 2021}

 From the moment we brought Willow home, I couldn't wait to get some Christmas photos of her!! Our Christmas kitty! She is the sweetest little gift to our family this season. Well, to most of us. Lexi is still trying to figure her out...

{Introducing the newest Hall family member // Willow Jade}

 Several weeks ago my parent's cat had kittens. Mason spent the night with them shortly after and has been begging for a kitten ever since. At first, I was like NO WAY! lol! I wasn't ready to take on another pet just yet. But then I met her and I fell completely in love with her...

Our sweet Willow Jade...

Isn't she the absolute cutest? I picked out her first name and Mason picked out her middle name. I am in love with both her name and her. She's so sweet and so much fun. I thought we were maybe bringing her home a little too soon, but we were ready to give her a good, safe, and warm home. She was living outside at my parent's house and we didn't want anything to happen to her. She had been eating solid food for a couple of weeks, so it was a good time. I fully expected her to cry for her Mama for several days, but that never even happened. I'm beginning to think that maybe her Mama had already weaned her. She came home with us and acted like she had lived here her whole entire life. She never even skipped a beat. And she went from being an outside kitty to an inside kitty so effortlessly. I was impressed that she just knew to use the litter box even though she had never used one before. Goodness, I just love her.

{Merry JEEPmas // Decorating the Jeep for Christmas parades // 2021}

 Besides wheeling, Christmas parades are my absolute favorite thing ever to do our Jeep clubs! This year, Nathan and I were invited to so many parades. We settled on doing four! We are in our hometown parade, a nearby town's parade, the TELEVISED (eeekkkk) Dallas parade, and another smalltown parade. We are so excited! Three of the four are night-time light-up parades. This takes a lot of planning and prepping, but it's so worth it.