{Three things // January}

My sweet new blog friend Britt posted a 'Three Things' post recently and it reminded me that it's been a long while since I have written a three things post! It's such a fun way to catch up on some randomness going on over here! So, here are our three things right now...

{This Past Weekend // Birthday, Basketball and Bible Study}

Happy Monday! Is it just me, or did Monday come entirely too fast? Our weekend wasn't even busy and it flew by. I had an awful migraine the majority of the weekend, but thankfully had a lot of time to rest. I tried working on Friday, but the computer made me feel worse. So, I took some personal time off. Anyhow, here's a recap of our weekend. I'm starting this one on Thursday because it was my birthday. And my sweet family made it so special for me. Here's a look at This Past Weekend...

{The Grinch // Palestine, TX}

I've been in such a "New Years" fog that I completely forgot I have Christmas posts to catch up on! Or maybe I have just been putting them off because I know everyone is pretty much over "Christmas" at this point. But, alas, I want these posts on the blog! If you remember...way back in November we made a trip to Palestine +  Rusk Texas to kick off our Christmas season with a trip to the Polar Express and to visit our most favorite Grinch! It's hands-down one of our favorite weekends of the entire year.

{Snow Day // Jan 16, 2018}

On Tuesday of this week we got to enjoy a nice snow day at home! Monday was a holiday, so it ended up being a super extended weekend. They were quick to call school around 9:30 the night before. We laughed and were thinking how they would never do that when we were kids. We had to wait until like 7:00 - 7:30 the next morning to find out. They would wait until the very last minute, so you had to get ready just in case they didn't call it. It also makes us laugh how quick Texas shuts down on snow days! But, an extra day at home? We'll take it!

{Our Newest Adventure // Basketball}

Way back in the middle of 2017 Mason told us he would like to play Basketball. He plays often in the gym at our church on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings before Sunday school. So, we waited until the next time we could sign him up and did so. We went with the league in the town where he goes to school and church. That way he could play with and against all of his friends. We thought he would enjoy it more knowing kids on his team. He was lucky enough to get on a team with several of his best friends!!