{Road-trip goodie bag}

If you know anything about my family then you would know that we go on a lot of trips. Most of them are camping trip, but a trip nonetheless. Nate told me about how when he was a child that his mom would always make them a road trip goodie bag. It was filled with little treats and treasures to make the road-trip more fun. He knew this was one tradition that he wanted to carry on with Mason. And so we did. We still do it to this day and it's one of my favorite parts about a road-trip.

{Spring Bucketlist // what we did and didn't do}

Since summer is just a few days away I guess it's time to take a look at our spring bucketlist and see how we faired.

{Sunset supper at the lake}

One random weeknight, a Thursday to be exact, we decided to shake things up a bit for supper. We thought it would be fun to cook supper at the lake while watching the sunset. We gathered everything we needed for grilling some burgers and we were off.  

{Weekend Wrap-up // 3rd Grade Dance, Birthdays, Jeep Fest, church and bridal dress shopping}

Happy Tuesday y'all! It's 10:27 am and I am just now getting to start this post. Life has been CRAAAZZAAAYYY. But, I am sure most of you can relate with it being the end of the school year. There is so much going on around this time of year. And on top of that, we are leaving to go camping this weekend. So, I'm trying to prepare for all of the fun themed days Mason has this week, plus get us ready for camping. But, on the bright side, we are this close to summer!!!! Can I get an amen?  I just hope those summer weekends do not fly by as fast as this last one did. Here's a look at this past weekend.

{3 Things May}

My sweet friend Andrea shared a fun link-up called "Three Things May" and I wanted to join in. By the way, if you're not following Andrea do yourself a favor and head over there now. She's the sweetest most adorable human being you'll meet! I just adore her. Anyhow, here are my three things May.