{January, February, March and April update}

It has been quite a while since I have touched this space! While I have thought about blogging many times throughout the last few months, there just wasn't enough time in the day. But I do know that when I go to look back at my blog one day I will be sad about the gaps that I missed. So, I am going to make an attempt to make time for my little corner of the web. I have a lot of catching up to do so I am going to catch up on the highlights from each month.

{February in Numbers // 2019}

Those blogging breaks...never intentional, but always refreshing. Life just took off and happened and the blog got put on the back burner. But, that's the beauty of this space, I can post when I want. I do miss reading all of my favorite blogs, though. I will be playing major catch-up on those. For today, here's a post for February in Numbers...

{Currently // February 2019}

Happy Hump Day! This week is flying by and I am just trying to stay afloat. I've had a pretty hefty daily to-do list and I think that's why the week is going by so quickly. Today is Currently with Anne and we're talking about what we are currently anticipatinggoingmakingwatching, and wearing.

anticipating - the fun to come with the Jeep group I am now an ambassador for! They go to most of the Jeep events we go to, but now I get to be a part of it. And hang out with some awesome ladies!  And the weekend. See below! 

going to a Jeep club meet tomorrow,  the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo this weekend, Blessing of the Jeeps the following weekend, Arkansas for spring break, the pickle parade in March, Lonestar Jeep invasion also in March, Unlimited Off-road show in April, Mason Texas in much fun stuff planned! 

making - Faux leather earrings by the boatload. I've had some creative juices flowing lately and thought of some different designs to make. I can't stop!!! Also, I found the motherload of leather scraps while at Canton First Monday last weekend. So many great pieces! 

watching - Nothing. Unless YouTube counts. In that case I am watching Lite Brite, Jess and the Jeep, Epic Family Road Trip, Off the Ranch, The Offroad Rhino, and King of the Hammers.

wearing - t-shirts & flip flops one day and parkas the next. Welcome to Texas, y'all!!! The weather here can't ever make up it's mind! 

What are you currently anticipating, going, making, watching, and wearing?

{31 things that made me smile in January}

Apparently, I'm all about list making right now! Throughout the month of January, I kept a list going of things that made me smile. 31 things for 31 days. I love to focus on the positive and to document those sweet little moments. Here is a list of 31 things that made me smile in January...

{January // Our month in numbers}

I will echo everyone else and say that January always feels forever long! Every time I'd go to file something on my work computer I would seriously say to myself "how is it still January?" And I saw a meme the other day that said something to the effect of "we are now in the third month of January" and it made me laugh. Feels so true! Anyhow, here's a look at our January by numbers: