{Playdate with the Rochelles}

This past Friday night we had a playdate at the Rochelle's house. Their son and Mason are in the same class and get along really well. They're best buds!

I'm not sure what is going on in this picture, but it accurately describes when they are together!

We had pizza and caught up while the boys played and played. I think the boys probably took 2 bites a piece and had no interest in eating any more. 
I love to watch them play and interact. It's amazing - the conversations of two year olds.
I kept laughing because all 4 of us parents would jump up each time they started to play tug-o-war with a toy and they were probably thinking "sit down, we got this". They do it day in day out at school everyday! ha

 They played so hard and hardly fought. I love that about them. It's not often you can put 2 - two year olds in a room full of toys and not have them fight the whole time. And when they do start to fight you know they're getting tired and it's time to clean up!

They lasted until 9:20ish and then we picked up and headed home. We had a great time, like always. Can't wait until our next playdate.

{Mommy time?}

Mommy time? - Nah, I'm good!
Girls night out? - No thanks!
Event with no kids? - Count me out!

I struggle with this.

I'm just not at that point in my life where I want to or need to do things without Mason. I'm more comfortable doing everything with him. He's my baby, my best friend, and one of the biggest blessings in my life. He's a joy to be around and makes me smile from the inside out. I like making the memories with him and the way that my heart feels when we're together.

I don't even enjoy going to Target alone. That's like every mom's dream, right? Not mine. I know hubby is trying to do me a favor when he says, "You go and I'll stay with Mason". But, it's like I am walking through the aisles naked and everyone's staring. Or that they know I have a child and make their own opinions in their head as to why he's not with me. But most importantly, I'm lost without him. Plain and simple. My heart feels empty and sad. And I am racing to get everything done as quickly as I can and get back home to him and my husband. I'd just rather be with them than without them.

Here lately my family has had some "girls only weekends" and I just can't do it. I struggle with just a couple hours away from my baby...how in the world would I survive a weekend away? Yes, I know that I would, but fact is I don't want to. 
I don't have to. 

I don't know if I'll ever get to that point where I feel like I need a "Mommy-break". Being at work is a forced Mommy break and I hate it with every fiber of my being. So why would I want to spend even more time away from him than that?

I'm not downing any moms that need that break, just simply saying that it's not for me.

And hubby feels the same way, to an extent. I know he'd appreciate more Mommy and Daddy dates, but he hates leaving Mason too. 
We're a team and function better when we're all together.


Life lately...via Instagram. 

bike rides with dad//cool morning Mason needed a "jatt-ett"//helping in the yard//our Jake-y boy//twins//"you swing it like this Mama//climbing the "big" hills//all boy//watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

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{6 years!!}

Dear Nathan,

Today marks 6 years of wedded bliss for us!!! I knew when I met you that I was going to marry you someday!! I remember telling that to all of my girlfriends and them thinking I was completely insane! But, I just knew. And look at us. Here we are 16 years later, 6 years of marriage, one beautiful baby boy and we are happier and more in love than ever. Thank you for giving me such an amazing life and for loving me the way you do.

I love you to the moon and back a gazillion times over.

Date night here we come...


We are still a Co-sleeping family in the Hall household. 

Mason did really well with sleeping in his bed for a long while. He would fall asleep in my lap on the couch while drinking his milk and then we'd move him to his bed. He'd sleep almost all night in his bed. But then he got off bottles and now it's harder to get him to sleep each night. He doesn't just fall asleep in my lap anymore. So, we just all three end up going to bed at the same every night and he sleeps with us.

But? I'm okay with that! Actually, I'm more than okay with it. I love it. I love being able to cuddle with him {he's a big time cuddler}, kiss his cheek or sweet little lips any time I want to, and just to see him and know that he's okay is such a mommy relief! 

And what better smell is there than a freshly bathed baby? Am I right?

It's a win-win! For Mommy, at least.

I'm sure Daddy is ready to have his bed back...without TWO people stealing his covers and all the room on the bed. Poor Daddy!

And because I can't publish a post without a picture...

He watched an entire episode on Nick Jr with that basket on his head!

{Wordless Wednesday}

All boy...


{New ride}

Last Friday on our way home from school I get a text from Nathan asking if we were getting close to home. It was strange because he never really asks me that. I knew something was up. We pull in the driveway and my inlaws are there with their bicycles and trail wagon.
Mason got all kinds of excited.

Papa went shopping on his day off and bought this little contraption for the back of his bicycle so that Mason could go riding with them. 

Mason loved it! I think with an extended ride he'd get relaxed enough and fall asleep!

{A taste of Fall?}

Oh Monday morning - you were glorious!!!
68 degrees are you kidding me?!?

Texas, I love you - but sometimes you are cruel!!
You give us a taste of fall and them BAM - another month and a half of excruciating heat!!!

But this morning sure was lovely and welcomed! 
Mason even asked for a "Jat-tett" because he was "freeeeeezin"!!

And now you leave me longing for Fall....for peppermint mochas, getting cozy by the fire, hayrides and pumpkin patches, candy corn and costumes, college football, soups and stews - just to name a few!!

Oh and the sunrise was pretty amazing too!!!

A few things::
 - Mason hates wearing shoes. I have to put them on him in the 
school parking lot each morning
- Most of these pictures were taken with him walking towards me - 
"Hold me Mama, there's a spider"
- He looks so big to me here
- And hello BLUE eyes!

{Baby Eli}

Newest addition to our family - 

Eli Drew Stowell

Oh how I love this little boy and miss him!

So sweet!
I think he looks like my brother and his big brother!

{August Birchbox}

Have you gotten your August Birchbox?!
I did. And? I loved it!

Here's my box for this month:



A few weekends ago we traveled to Abilene for a very special reason.
To welcome home Captain Trent Brower {B1 Pilot for the AF} from a 7 month deployment.

Nathan and Trent have been best friends since they were young!
It was such a great feeling to welcome him home.
We missed the actual landing of the plane and then stepping off...due to an extremely long wait at the visitor check in. We drove from Dallas to Abilene in less than 3 hours and then had to wait in a 1 1/2 hour line to get into the base.
Understandable, no doubt, but we were a little disappointed to miss the actual "welcome".
But, he's home safely and reunited with his family and that's all that mattered!!!

Welcome home Trent! Thank you and your family for the sacrifices you make to keep us safe. We love you guys!

I don't have any pictures of the weekend other than some of Mason and Kloe playing! But they are so stinkin' cute. I even have a video of them. They were painting on paper and then started painting their hands. Next? Hand painted high fives!!!

Mason and Kloe Painting from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

{He said what?!? V3}

Mason was playing in his room one evening and started yelling...

"Mama, come mere. Mama, come mere"

so I ran in there and he says,

"Here, I got you a teddy bear" and hands me one of his bears!


At Mason's 2 year check up the Doctor asked him how old he was - he says {very matter-factedly}

"I'm four"

and went on about his business!!


Saturday morning {7/7} I woke up to Mason putting his puppy in my face and saying

"Wake up Mommy. Puppy dooooooooves you"


Nathan - "Mason, wanna lay in here with me?" {sleeping bag}
Mason - "I can't, I'm too big.


Monday {7/10} I picked up Mason a little later than normal from school. I was telling him sorry for getting there a little late.

He pats me on the back and says, "Don't worry Mama".


Me - "Mason what do you want for dinner?"

Mason - rice, beans, bread {tortillas}, butter, chips and sprite.

Well okay then baby!


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{Firestation Pictures}

My brother in law is a volunteer fireman for his little town, Palmer TX. Several weeks ago {July 4th, to be exact} we took Mason there.
He was so excited to see all of the firetrucks and to be able to get inside of them!

I just love seeing his little face light up!