{Birthday Evening}

After our Zoo trip we hung out and waited on Daddy to get home so that we could celebrate with him. Mason loves to hang out on the front porch, so that's what we did. 

Mason received a few gifts in the mail and Daddy brought home some from work; so we hung out at home and let Mase open them. Then we wen to Nate's parents house for special bday celebration. Nana bought Mason a birthday cake and used the topper that his Daddy had when he was ONE. She saved it all these years for an occasion like this one! WOW

Mason wasn't too impressed by the cake. He had more fun stepping on it than eating it. After his bath he wanted to cruise around naked. So we let him. He's the birthday boy after all!!

Happy FIRST Birthday my love!!!

{Mason's Birthday trip to the Zoo}

Wednesday, the day of Mason's actual birthday my sister, nephew and I took Mason to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had such a wonderful time. Mason had slept a full 12 1/2 hours the night before so he was well rested and ready to go. Mason was really quite the first 30 or so minutes of the Zoo trip. I could tell his teeth were bothering him pretty bad so I gave him some tylenol. Once it kicked in he was ready to party! You could see a difference and how much better he was feeling. 

Start of our Zoo trip - the Flamingos. Or birds as Mason says.

We saw lots of "birds" pretty soon on so that made Mason really happy! He's all about birds and bugs these days!!

The TEXAS part of the Zoo is my favorite. So many cute photo opps to keep in mind for when Mason is a little older! 

Sure do love these big blue eyes!

Sweet baby boy was so tired! I am not sure we even made it out of the Zoo parking lot before he was out!

Such a fun time!!!

{Embrace the Camera - 5.26.11}

This past Saturday we went to a wedding and I had 2 dates.
I'm a lucky girl.


And my HOT date:

{Wordless Wednesday}

(picture of a picture)

Ryan & Valerie Johme's Wedding - 5/21/11

{Birthday Boy}

I'm sure this will be the first of many birthday posts!! BUT Mason went to sleep at 8:15 last night, slept all night without waking up and is still snoozing!! Turning ONE must be tiring!

Once he wakes up we will get ready for the ZOO!!!

{A typical weekend for us}

We love to just hang out and enjoy each others company. These pictures are actually from a couple weekends back. 

Mason playing in Uncle Jo Jo's truck. This boy loves anything with wheels and always wants to be behind the steering wheel. That really terrifies me. 

We have a new baby Turkey at Hall Farms!! Mason loves it and isn't scared of it in the least. He wants to hold it. And surprisingly, he's very gentle with it. Unlike how he's been with Diesel lately. Poor Diesel. 

Then Mason decided it was time to ditch the pants!!

And later after that he decided he didn't need clothes at all! After his bath he took off crawling as fast as he could to his bedroom to play. He did not want me getting him dressed at all.

Oh Mason, you're too much fun buddy!

{51 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 52 weeks!!!

(as of Tuesday, May 17th) 

357 days
8568 hours
514,080 minutes

514,080 minutes of my life!! 

Let’s see, at 51 weeks...

-  You are still saying "Mama" more than Dada this week. Love it!

- Your vocabulary is growing. As of right now you can say
JoJo (uncle Jordan)
*Big truck
(* =  new word this week)

Your vocabulary just keeps growing!
-Still love to dance. So cute!

- You love for Mommy & Daddy to hold your hands and walk/run with you!

- You stand on your own really well, but you get stiff and will not take a step.

- Still love your toes. You are usually always playing with your feet. And you love to cross your feet/legs. So Cute! 

- Sleeping has been pretty good this week.

- The amount of bottles you take daily varies.

- Still doing well with the solids. You eat 1 4oz jar for breakfast, 2 4oz jars at lunch time and 2 4oz jars for dinner. Still on stage 2s. (separate post)

- You love to sit up on your own and play with your toys. Your favorite toys right now are your bugs. (You absolutely love bugs, so Mommy bought you some fake ones), any kind of tractor, your FJ Cruiser, and your “big truck”.

- You're in size 12 or 18 month clothes, but most 12 month clothes are getting snug. Most of your pajamas are 12 or 18 months and you are outgrowing those. Your belly hangs out of the tops and your pants are entirely too short.

- In size 4 diapers

- You do well with a sippy cup.

-          You absolutely LOVE your A,B,Cs. You can be fussy or very unhappy and we break out with the A B Cs and you're as happy as a clam.
 - YOU'RE CRAWLING everywhere and getting faster and faster and more coordinated.
You love to crawl and push either your tractor or trucks. And you make your version of the car sound when doing so.

- You love the Moon!! We will ask you, "Where's the moon Mason?" You will look up in the sky, throw your arm up high in the air and point and say "mooooon". Yeah, it's the cutest.thing.ever.

- You give high fives, and then clap for yourself!!!!!!!!

- You will shake your head and say "uh-uh" or "no" if you do not want something or not want to do something. 

-          You now know where your head is!!! We sing the head, shoulders knees and toes song and the "head" part was your favorite. You grab your head with both hands and say "head, head head". 

-          Still teething. L Your top 2 teeth have broken through, but two more on the bottom are trying to come through.

You're so smart and so cute and we love you so much Masonbug!

51 Week Pictures:
 (Ignore the sweet potatoes all over your face! Hey, gotta grab pictures when you can)

Oh how I love this sweet face!!

He wanted to draw on the chalkboard!

Look at those feet! And the cheeks. He was concentrating so hard.

Oh oh oh oh my heart! I love you so much baby boy!

{I can't believe it}

Tomorrow my baby boy will be

How and when did this happen?? 

This feels like yesterday...

Of course I am a hot mess right now!

We are going to the Fort Worth Zoo tomorrow for Mason's birthday and I am extremely excited!!!!

I will have lots of pictures to share soon!


{Buh buh buh BIRD!!!!}

Just a cute little video of my handsome boy “bird watching”!!!

{Embrace the Camera - 5.19.11}

My favorite time of the week! 

Embrace the Camera Day
Go link up with Emily...well, Amy today! :)

Masonbug & Mommy

One of our favorite things to do right now is to hang out on the porch and wait for Daddy to get home from work. I love this time I get to spend with my boy. It’s awesome to watch him explore the great outdoors. Excuse his messy shirt in these! ha