{Five on Friday}

Happy Friday! This week actually seemed to fly by pretty quick. I'm not mad about it. We had a pretty good week. Monday was exciting because the tooth fairy came and we got to do a little shopping at Target, Tuesday was a special day at Mason's school {more below}, Wednesday was church, Thursday came and went and now it's Friday! Whoop, whoop. Tonight we are going to Six Flags and Mason is having his best friend come with us and spend the night. He is beyond excited. Time for Five on Friday...

{Guys Behind the Blog}

Hall Around Texas Guys Behind the Blog

Time for the Guys Behind the Blog - March edition!! I love getting to feature Nate on the blog each month and always look forward to his answers! Most of the time I can predict exactly how he would answer them and sometimes he totally surprises me. Here are his answers for March's edition of The Guys Behind the Blog.

{Spring Blog Hop // Free Spring Cleaning Printables}

 I don't know about you, but with each new season I feel a recharge and an urge to clean and purge all the things. I think it hits me most in the spring time, though. I think it is something about the sun shining through the house showing all the clutter, dirt and dust. Needless to say, I am in a major spring cleaning mode right now. Today I thought I would share a round-up of my favorite Spring Cleaning printables. I am a graphic person, so I tend to gravitate towards the pretty printables. I was so excited to find one on Joanna Gaine's blog.

{Mason // One tooth down...}

Oh sweet boy...slow down! You're growing entirely too fast and it's wrecking my mama heart in so many ways. It feels like just yesterday you were my toddling little babe that got so excited about "hick-up trucks" and now you're doing big things like losing teeth! I can barely stand it. But, no matter how big you get you will always be my baby!! Okay?!

{Easter Scripture Cards}

 Hall Around Texas Easter Scripture Cards

As I start to prepare for Easter I reflect on scripture about the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter so easily becomes about bunnies, candy and egg hunts, but I want to keep the focus on Jesus in our family. There are many ways that I keep a Christ centered Easter with Mason {which I will share about later}, but one of the major ways is through the bible and scripture. Today I am sharing 6 of those Easter {resurrection} verses.

{This Past Weekend...}

Happy Monday! I know by the time this posts that Monday will almost be over. I need all of your secrets on how to balance everything. Right now I am doing a crummy job at keeping up with all the things. Spring Break put me so behind and I still haven't caught up! I have so many emails to go through and reply to, pictures unedited from two different events, blog posts that need to get written and posted, etc. Anyhow, we had another amazing weekend that went by entirely too fast. Here's a peek at this past weekend...

{Five on Friday}

Happy finally Friday! I know I mentioned it earlier on the blog this week, but it has been a long and hard week. Nothing bad, actually we had many great things happen this week. It was just pure exhaustion that started to settle in for all three of us. Monday after school Mason was so whiny and short tempered. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I'm just so lazy mom. I don't feel like doing anything." He was so tired and I could relate 100%/ We went from Spring Break and sleeping 12+ hours a night to getting maybe 7 or 8. That's a huge difference! Especially for people that love their sleep as much as we do. But, isn't that what spring break and trips are for? To throw you completely off schedule and do all the things you love? C'mon summer break! Anyhow, here is a bit of what we have been up to this week.

{$10 Target Challenge}

Hall Around Texas - $10 Target Challenge

 Time for one of my favorite link-ups...the $10 Target challenge! I mean, who doesn't love a good excuse to go to Target? It's no secret that I rarely ever make it past the Target Dollar Spot when shopping for these challenges and this month was no different. I needed a few Easter things to spread across the house and Target always has the cutest things! I was so excited about all that I found this month. So, what did I get and did I stay within budget? Do I ever?

{2017 Spring Bucketlist}

While yesterday was the actual first day of Spring it has actually felt like Springtime in Texas for quite a while. I don't hate it. I love the official start of a new season and find it so refreshing! Especially one that brings sunshine!! Anyhow, in honor of the first day of Spring I thought I would share my Spring Bucketlist. We are pretty random with our weekends and adventuring at times, but this is what I would like to fit in this Spring.

{This Past Weekend...}

To say that I am exhausted is an understatement, for sure. We came back from our spring break camping trip on Thursday night and jumped straight into a full and busy weekend. I mean, we haven't even had time to unpack our bags from our trip yet. I need a vacation after my vacation to just rest and relax. Anyhow, before I recap our spring break camping trip here is a recap of our weekend.

{Three Things // Currently}

Time for a good ol' random catch-up/currently post! It's been so busy lately that I've hardly had time to just blog about life. That's usually how it goes, right? So many people have asked me where we have been due to my lack of presence on social media and I just keep saying 'life, man!' We've just been busy living and doing and I haven't even had time to post on social media. But, life is good y'all. Busy, but oh so good. Anyhow...here's a little of what we have been up to lately.

{Spring Break - Guadalupe River State Park}

While out driving one day we happened upon Guadalupe River State Park. And boy are we glad we did. It was such a beautiful camping spot! We'd love to go there one day. The river was still cold because it was March, but that didn't stop us from dipping our toes in it!

{Spring Break - Cave with No Name}

While driving around Boerne we saw signs for The Cave with No Name and decided to sign up for a tour. We love exploring caves and seeing all of their natural beauty! This one was huge and did not disappoint! We loved it.

{St Patty's Day FREE Fonts}

{Spring Break - Boerne, TX}

Okay, so it's pronounced "Burney" and not "Born". We found that out well after our trip and us calling it Burney the whole time. Anyhow, we absolutely fell in love with this picturesque little town! It was so cute and we just loved it. We visited the shops, ate at a barbeque place and walked a little river lined park.

{Spring Break - Remember the Alamo?}

We weren't too far from San Antonio, so we spent a day over there. We went to the Alamo, played in the Ripley's Believe it Not area, walked the River Walk and ate at Mi Tierra's (a must in San Antonio). It was a fun day!

{Spring Break - Lake Medina, TX}

For Spring Break we decided to head to the Texas Hill Country. We camped at Lake Medina and it was absolutely gorgeous! It was peaceful and quiet and just so relaxing. The drive down to the campgrounds was my favorite...up and down hills with beautiful views. We saw so many deer, rabbits, and wild turkeys. It was so neat!

{Little Letters // vol. 3}

I found the Little Letters link-up by Kristin at Taz and Belly's blog back in December and I couldn't wait to start linking up. I had so much fun writing my Little Letter's post in January and February and now March! If you haven't checked out this link-up I highly suggest it. It's nice to take a break from all of the serious and to just write a fun post! Here are my letters for March...

{The Kids Behind the Blog - March}

Time for the March edition of The Kids Behind the Blog. If you're new to the blog and not really sure what this link-up is all about you can read all about it here. Basically we provide you with 5-7 questions to ask your kid(s) each month. Then you blog about it and come back here to link-up. My co-hosts and I love to hear the things that kids say and that's why this link-up was born! This month we focused on questions about Springtime! Here are Mason's answers for this month...

{This past weekend...}

Happy Monday!! Another good weekend in the books. We didn't have as many plans, but still managed to fill the weekend. Funny how that happens. But, when you fill it with friend, family and church time you really can't complain! Here is a peek at our weekend...

{What We're Reading // Vol. 3 // Easter Books}

We're back for our third edition of "What We're Reading"! Thank you to all you that have linked up with us thus far. It's been fun to see what everyone else is reading. I've added quite a few books to my list the last couple of months. Last month I shared the devotional Mason and I are reading as well as some faith based chapter books. We are still reading the Grace For the Moment devotional {it's a dated one} and the Jesus Calling Storybook Bible, but we finished all of the others. I am sure we will re-read them at some point! Mason loves to read and I love filling his heart with truth. Here is a look at what we are reading this month.