On our way home from Moab we decided to drive Ophir Pass! We were getting back into Colorado at Sunset and got to watch the sunset over the mountains. It was pure magic!! 


 On day three of our Colorado trip, we found ourselves driving 3 hours to Moab, Utah! We couldn't fathom the thought of being that close to Moab and not spending at least 1 day there! For you non-Jeepers out there, this is off-roading heaven!! So many awesome trails. The adrenaline rush on the way there was just about enough to send me over the edge! I couldn't believe we were actually going to Moab after so many years of talking and dreaming about it! 


 After we walked around Telluride for a bit, we headed to Imogene Pass. This trailhead begins in Telluride and ends in Ouray, CO. It was really neat getting to this trailhead...it's literally right behind a neighborhood in Telluride. As you're climbing up the trail you can see the whole town of Telluride below and if you look across you can see the switchbacks on Black Bear Pass. It was crazy to see a different perspective on the trail we just conquered!! 


 On day 2 of our Colorado trip, we woke up bright and early to hit up Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass. We wanted to be able to conquer both of those trails in one day, so an early morning it was. It was fine by me though, we got to see the sunrise over the mountains! It was such a beautiful drive to the trailhead.

{Colorado // Day 1 // Exploring Silverton, CO}

We began our drive to Colorado on Monday evening (August 17th). We drove a little over 4 hours and then got a hotel for the evening. We wanted to get a jump on the drive so that we had more time to spend in Colorado!! We drove the rest of the way on Tuesday, August 18th, and got into Durango around 3:30 pm.

{Colorado trip // August 2020}

 Much like most of our trips, we decided last minute to head to Colorado for a week. I had already taken off work for a Jeep event (that we later decided we didn't want to go to), Nate had some time off, and Mason's new homeschool start date got pushed back, so we decided we wanted to take a trip somewhere. I mentioned Colorado, of course. I have been wanting to go back to CO for the longest time. Nate mentioned asking some of our friends if they wanted to go and the rest is pretty much history! It really was just a matter of perfect timing for all of us!



I have really put this blog on the back burner lately! Summer is so busy for us and I can't keep up with all the things! I have so much catching up to do, but in the meantime here's what I am currently choosingconsumingenjoyingordering, and remembering.

{CHASING SUNSETS // Summer nights at the lake // 2020}

Chasing sunsets is one of my favorite everyday adventures. God is so gracious to give us these beautiful skies and I am so thankful for these little treasures. Every time I see one I am reminded of just how much our Heavenly Father loves us! And how mighty He is.