{New Mexico Trip // Day 4 // My birthday and a snowmobiling adventure}

 Day four of our trip {January 18th} was my birthday! We had a fun adventure planned for the day and couldn't wait! We tried to sleep in as much as we could so that it would be closer to time for our adventure, but that didn't work for me. I woke up naturally around 7 am every day of the trip. I did hang out in bed for a while, though! 

We just hung out at the cabin for the first part of the day. We cooked breakfast, opened birthday gifts, and then got all of our snow gear ready! It was finally time for...

S N O W M O B I L I N G!!!!!!

{New Mexico Trip // Day 3 // More Taos}

 On day three, the rest of or group wanted to go check out Taos. On the way there we went through Eagle Next and then to Angelfire to show the Moores the RV Resort that we stayed at a couple of summers ago! It was one of the nicest RV Resorts we have ever been to! 

{New Mexico Trip // Day 2 // Exploring Red River and Taos}

 I am pretty sure I could get used to waking up in a log cabin!! Every day feels like a vacation and who doesn't want to feel like they are on vacation every day of their lives? I made a note to "buy a log cabin in the mountains" in my phone! Goals, for sure!!

{New Mexico Trip // Day 1 // Getting to our Cabin}

 Back in November or early December Nate's mom started texting him asking if we'd be interested in a cabin/mountain trip for my birthday in January! Nate didn't even have to ask me. He knows that if the question is mountains that my answer will always be a YES!! So then the search for a cabin began! She found one that fit our family and the time frame that we needed. It was so cute and dreamy! Seeing pictures of the cabin surrounded by snow made my heart so happy! However, when we got there we had to switch cabins!! More on that later...

{Currently // February 2021}

 So, a few days ago I shared our New Mexico post by numbers and then I ghosted this space! Again. I guess I was a little too confident in getting blogging done on top of catching up on work, all the house stuff, and a new semester of school! Hopefully, I can get it done soon because I have tons to share about the trip! But in the meantime, it's time for the Currently link-up with Anne in Residence. This month we are sharing what we are currently lovingreadingrememberingsharing, and wishlisting.