{Bobbbeeee, Bobbbeeee}

That's "Baby" to Mason :) He was just talking away yesterday, so of course I got a video!!

{Tractors and Spoons}

Oh how I love this little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

{If you're happy and you know it : (Videos)}

Mason saying "Kloe"

Mason closing his eyes

If you're happy and you know it

{13 months}

Mason, I can't believe you are 13 months old!! (as of June 25th) Seems like we just had your first birthday party. Where did this past month go??

Other Tidbits........

(your vocabulary is growing like crazy)
1. Bird
2. Bug
3. Moon
4. Dad
5. Mom
6. Papa
7. Nana
8. Scooter
9. Duck
10. Bath
11. Monkey
12. Dog
13. Puppy
14. Uh-Oh
15. Bye
16. Thank You
17. Tractor
18. Truck
19. Car
20. Bottle
21. Diesel
22. Fish
23. Baby
24. School
25. Eye
26. Toes
27. Head
29. Bob Bob (Spongebob)
30. Kloe
31. Rhett
32. Shoes
33. Milk
34. Toys
35. Ball
36. Home
37. Hair

I'm trying to keep up, but I am sure I'm missing some!

You can tell us what each of the following say:
Puppy - ruff ruff
Monkey - ooohh oooohh
Elephant - (I don't know how to write this one, ha)
Chicken - bach bach bach
Cow - moo
Daddy - no, no, no 

You can tell show us where each of the following are:

New things:
Walking as of July 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!
If we say Mason close your eyes you will blink them or barely close them. So cute.
You can do the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with your hands, and make the sounds to the tune of the song
You love the "If you're happy and you know it" game/song
You can blow kisses
If you're crawling around on the floor and we say, "Aww sweet boy" you will lay down flat on your stomach and get really still for a few moments

Oh Masonbug, Mama loves you to the moon and back!

{Such a big boy}

Masonbug, you are growing up too fast. Actually, we go pick up your driver's license tomorrow. At least that's what it feels like. Time needs to slow down, like now! I'm not ready to hand you the keys to the car just yet! ha

You are doing so great with school. You never cry when I drop you off anymore.Which is wonderful to this mama. I couldn't stand the first week when you would cry for me. It ached every piece of my heart. Thank God that was just a short season of life!!

Every morning you go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast with the big kids. Which, makes you feel like a big kid too. It's so darn cute. You sit next to the same little girl every day (Alex). She sits to your left. Who's on the right you ask?? Well, only your best friend, that's who!


They have a different cereal every morning, but you get your own special bowl of lucky charms each day. They know the marshmallows are your favorite!  I think it's awesome that they do this for you.

Thank you sweet boy for making "Drop-offs" that much easier for Mama. Nothing more than I love to see you (and your Daddy) Happy! 

Mama loves you sweet boy!

{Embrace the Camera - 7.14.11}

It's that time!! You're not cool unless you link up with this fabulous lady! No, really! Do it.

Mason, life with you is a complete blast. You keep us on our toes (literally)!! Now that you're a walker the adventure is that much more interesting. This is such a fun season of life and I want to embrace every single moment. Even if it's the back of your head. Since that's all we're doing these days is chasing you!!

I love you to the moon and back!!!

{We can be friends, but you can't tell anyone}


 Last night I went dinner with some friends. Some special friends. Friends I've had since the 2nd grade!!!! It was nothing short of amazing! Oh and did I mention that our favorite teacher joined us? We all (minus Kristy) had her in 2nd grade...and then we were lucky enough to have her again in 5th grade (plus Kristy). Or so we thought. That wasn't actually the case at all. We weren't that lucky! Mrs. Morrison was moving from 2nd to 5th grade that year and she said the only way she'd do it is if she could pick out her class. And she did. And we're so glad she did. Even though we made that year hard for her, ya know with the best friends one minute, hate each other the next thing...she says we were her favorite by far! She said she had to rearrange the classroom on a daily basis. I can only imagine. We had 32 students in our class that year, only 7 being girls, 4 of them being us. I feel bad for the other 3 girls that were in our class. And for Mrs. Morrison too! ha.

It was such a fun night to reminisce and talk about the good ole' days! And to catch up on everyone's current lives too. We laughed so hard at different times that we got many stares!! Greatness.

I'm so thankful for these girls after all these years. Love them all.

And Mrs. Morrison had such an impact on all of our lives. We completely agree that she was the best teacher, hands down. And now we get to call her our friend! How awesome is that?

Random - Kristy was my maid of honor at my wedding!! I love her to pieces.

Story about the title of this post - In elementary we had assigned seats at lunch...I won't say who, (ahem, Kristy) got assigned to sit by one of the most annoying girls in our class. She told her, "Look, we have to sit together at lunch all year long so I will be your friend but it's a secret. You can't tell anyone". 


How great is that?? Sorry, but it's funny! We were plum awful!

{Weekend Wrapup - July 9-10th}

One of my favorite weekends in a while. Hands down. No plans...no parties to attend...no schedules to follow...no alarms set...NOTHING! Not that I don't enjoy parties, I do...it's just that they're so common with the large family I have. A break is nice every once in a while. Sometimes I like to just enjoy my little family of 3. 

Friday night we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and Mason was a complete HOOT! He kept flirting with our waitress and reaching for her to hold him. Once she held him we found out the real reason why he wanted her...she was standing...and closer to the video games than we were. ha! He pointed at the games for her to take him. This boy has no shame. I love it. 

 Saturday morning we hung out at the house for a while. We played with Mason, took some videos and pictures and cleaned the casa. I'm trying to be better at getting videos of Mason. He's doing so many new things and I don't want to miss a single thing. (granted most are taken with the camera phone, eh, I'll get better). Then Mason went to visit his Nana and Papa for a while...so Mama and Daddy got down and dirty. No, really! We cleaned our butts off!! That afternoon we drove out to Cabelas (over an hour drive from our house) and wandered around. The only thing we bought was a $10 truck for Mason. Typical. And I love it. After that we went and looked at RVs. We have the itch. It was like "pass out from heat exhaustion HOT" but we had a wonderful time! They really should have the ac going in those things. Just sayin'. 

At Cabela's:

He looks so big in these next 2!!

RV shopping:

Sunday was another fun family filled day. We had a blast! We mostly hung out at home and played with Mason. That afternoon Mason went to visit Nana and Papa again (they live right behind us)...and when we found him he was swimming in his birthday suit!! ha!

One of my favorite pictures EVER!

Break for popsicle:

That evening we had some of our really good friends, The Huotari's over. They're visiting from Indiana. It was so nice to let the kids play and us catch up. We just love them!! Mason had so much fun with Riley and Kinley. It was good for Mason to have to share his toys.

Riley - (will be 3 in August, and she'll tell you that :)!! )

 Kinley - 3 weeks older than Mason!! 

Such beautiful girls!

And two babies that LOVE to give kisses!!!

Such a great time!!

Oh, and we finally joined the rest of the world and have WiFi at our house. Whoop whoop!

{Embrace the Camera - 7.7.11}

My favorite blogging time of the week!!

Time to link up with the gorgeous Emily!!

This little guy is growing up entirely TOO fast! Each day he does something a little more toddlerish and it makes me gasp! What happened to my baby?? Over the 4th of July holiday weekend he started walking!! It was bittersweet for me. Yes, of course I want him to walk...but it was the last little thing that was keeping him a baby to me!!

Mason...little man....I love you! You are Mommy's best little friend. You are awesome. 

Masonbug...I embrace every little thing you do, because each day is something new!


Over the 4th of July weekend we camped at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX. It's such a lovely
RV park. We were especially thankful for their nice pools! We took full advantage over the pool! 
It was entirely too hot to do anything else. We didn't even last at Canton but maybe 2 hours. 
That's a sad day! ha! Well, not for our wallets.
We spend lots of time with family, just hanging out. Kolton brought his Ford Truck (Power Wheel),
so Mason was in truck-lovin' heaven!
Mason thinks he's so big when he's in the truck! He just cruises around with his arm up on the door.
I can't get enough!!

Ohhh, why does he look so big here?? Tear!

Lovin' his little grin these days!!

First time to eat a push-up :)

And........a boy tea party!!! Complete with bugs...