{Happy Halloween}

Happy Halloween!!
 Tonight we plan on Trick or Treating a bit in Mason's teacher's neighborhood and then going to the Trunk or Treat at the church. 

Can't wait to see my little Firefighter all dressed up again...

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{Pictures by the Pumpkins}

Hey Mason let me take some pictures of you by the pumpkins.

"O-tay Mommy"


 And that's what I got!!

{Wordless Wednesday}

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Wordless{ish} Wednesday...
My heart and soul!!!


{It's Never too early to think about Christmas}

Am I right? Or am I right? 
I love the Fall/Winter holidays. They're my absolute favorite. When I look through my archives I find that I always, always take more photos during this time of year. And they're always my favorite. So, it's no wonder that I love coordinating outfits and finding the perfect location for family photos. And then using those said photos for Christmas Cards  
For the last 3 or 4 years I have used Shutterfly for my cards. And this year will be no exception. I love the many designs they have to choose from. I have to start early because it takes me so long to choose a design.  And the prices? They are quite awesome.
The designs I am loving this year are - 
I love photo layout of this one.

This one is a little different from what I normally choose. But, I love the bright colors in this one and the font is fun.


I love the simplicity of this one. I love the contrast of the black and white photo with the red.

This one had me at Red and Turquoise. And I love all things square. You can order this one in a 5x5. This one is at the very top of my list.

I'll stop there. Go check out all of the other designs as well as their Special Offers.
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Sponsored by Shutterfly, but all opinions are mine.


{Why I'm scared to have a 2nd baby}

Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely loved being pregnant. Like every single second of it. Even the nausea. It was probably the only time I  have ever welcomed nausea because, well, it meant that I was pregnant. And every mother I ever talked to told me that nausea meant the baby was healthy.

I had a fairly healthy pregnancy. Then around 27/28 weeks my doctor realized my belly was measuring bigger and my uterus was measuring higher than it should have been. So he sent me for a sonogram. And just as he suspected...my amniotic fluids were measuring high. In medical terms I was borderline Polyhydramnios. 

Polyhydramnios (polyhydramnion, hydramnios, polyhydramnios) is a medical condition describing an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. It is seen in about 1% of pregnancies,[1][2][3]. It is typically diagnosed when the amniotic fluid index (AFI) is greater than 24 cm

My fluids were at a 21.5 which put me in that borderline range. What did this mean? That my doctor would have to monitor my amniotic fluids by way of a sonogram and NST {Non Stress Test} every week until my levels showed to level. {which they never did} When I was initially told all this I kind of freaked. If my fluids continued to increase the risks were almost too much to bear...

Premature rupture of the membranes
Placental abruption
Preterm labor and delivery
Growth restriction
C-section delivery
Postpartum hemorrhage

A little hard to swallow, right? I knew the only way I was going to get through this was by prayer and divine intervention from God! So, I asked for prayer from my friends and family. And it must have worked...because I never really worried anymore and my levels never increased. They didn't decrease either, but not increasing was more important. Plus, I had the most active little boy growing inside of me that reminded me daily that everything was fine and God was in control. God sent this peace over me and I knew that it was all going to be okay. Plus, it was kind of nice getting to see my sweet boy on sonogram every single week.
Besides the fluid levels, the rest of my pregnancy was pretty close to perfect. Until Tuesday, May 25th. The day I delivered Mason. My doctor sent me over to be induced, but I was already in labor. And my blood pressure spiked. At 40w4d I developed toxemia. Thankfully, everything went just fine {besides the devil drug - magnesium sulfate}.
So now I have those two things on my chart - Borderline Polyhydramnios and Toxemia.

And now that it's all over and I look back on it...those two things terrify the heck out of me if we were ever to get pregnant again. Yes, I know that God is in control, just being honest here. I'm scared! We were so blessed the first time around that these two things did not develop into anything more.
Sonogram of Mason at the time I learned about the fluids

My sweet/healthy boy now

{Halloween Porch}

Sunday {10/7} my Mother-in-Law called and asked that we keep Mason on the back side of our house so that they could decorate our porch for Halloween. Our front door has glass that you can see through...so she wanted us to keep Mason away from her surprise.

We waited until dark to show Mason because she incorporated strobe lights and glow sticks. But I snuck out to take a few pics beforehand.
It's the cutest! Mason loved it and was so excited. I just love all of the Fall holidays and the decorating and festivities.


{Little Life Updates}

What a week it has been!!
Monday night/Tuesday morning Mason started running a low grade fever. 

Tuesday - Mase woke up with fever, so I kept him home from school. Both of my coworkers were out in the am so I had to go in for a bit. Yes, I felt awful dragging Mason to my office while he wasn't feeling his best. Although, he was quite excited to go to my office. We got about 4 or so miles from the house and Mason threw up. Not a lot, but enough to scare me.  It looked to be mostly the Motrin I had just given him. He kept saying, "I'm fine Mama". We turned around and went home to clean him up and change his clothes. We were about 3 miles from my work and he started to get sick again. Not much again. I could tell he wasn't emptying his stomach...it was just the allergies/drainage causing him to get sick. He acted completely fine.
We stayed at the office until 11:00ish and headed home. Mase played off and on, but I could tell he was tired from not sleeping so great the night before. He never got sick again. Thank the Lord! 

He ended up falling asleep relaxing in his little recliner. He's never done that before. Like ever! I was incredibly shocked. He slept from 3:45 until 6:15, when we finally woke him up. I offered dinner or a bath and he went for the bath. While he was bathing his Nana, Papa and Uncle came over to deliver a gift. They ordered him a firefighter costume for Halloween. And? It's pretty amazing. It really brightened his spirits. Just an hour and a half after he woke up from his nap he was ready to go back to sleep.

He slept in his bed all night long and fever free!!!


Wednesday - Mase went back to school and had a really great day. Nathan skipped softball because he wasn't sure how Mason would be feeling {he had to tell them on Tuesday if he was in or out} So we all hung out and had a really great night! We played and laughed like crazy! We actually got Mason to sleep with us that night. But, only until 2:20 am and then he was ready for his bed. 

Thursday -We took a night off from cooking and grabbed dinner. We just hung out the rest of the night. Mason was still feeling good.

This weekend we will probably lay low. Nate has been working 12 hour days and is working overtime Friday, Saturday and Sunday {he's normally off on Fridays}


{If you really knew me...according to my husband}

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So, I asked my hubby to help me out with writing some things about me that only people that "really" knew me would know...

Here is what I got:

*That you are the sweetest person that they know.
*That you would give away our last dollar to help someone else.
*Have way to many reusable grocery bags!
*Have a shopping addiction even if you don’t want to admit it.
*Love baseball
*are a girly girl but can shoot.
*can out drink a man twice your size and get up and go to work the next day.  While he is puking and crying at home.
*Have had SEVERAL car accidents.
*That you don’t cook.
*Are good at planning trips
*Don’t wash the sink out after spitting tooth paste in it.
*Would do anything for Mason and I.
*Love George Straight
*have Dreams about Jason Aldean
*You talk when you are tired.
*You spend too much time on the ipod and phone.  Blogging, pinterest, instagram and others.
*You love your friends and family
*You are a role model for all of your younger cousins
*You have a sexy husband
*People have asked you what the key to a happy marriage was.
*Mason and I think you hung the moon.
 Then I asked him how hard it was to not write anything inappropriate {because I know him} and he says...

Very!  But I did it!

{If you really knew Mason}

Part 2 of 3 - 
Yesterday - if you really knew Nate - post here
Tomorrow - if you really knew me - as told by Nathan
 If you really knew Mason...
...you'd know he loves tractors and monster trucks. Like LOVES them.
...you'd know that he hates anything chocolate.
...you'd know that he drinks a lot of milk. Like 24-32 ounces a day.
...you'd know that he's a total Mama's boy.
...you'd know that he's {scary} smart.
...you'd know that he tells everyone he's four...which raises some eyebrows when we're trying to use our 2 & under FREE discount at places!!
...you'd know he prefers sprite over water.
...you'd know that he'll go a couple weeks at school with no crying in the morning and basically pushing me out the door...and then the next couple of weeks he will throw a fit for me to stay with him.
...you'd know that he's caring and compassionate, kind and respectful, witty and strong-willed.
...you'd know he's a complete yogurt addict.
...you'd know that he knows all of his colors, can count to 20, knows his abc's, can spell his name, and tell you that he lives in Waxahachie.
...you'd know that he rarely forgets a face or a name.
...you'd know that he prefers to wear a ball cap backwards.
...you'd know that he is ALL boy!
...you'd know that he's kind of a bully at school. Not in a way that he hurts others. But in a way that he kind of runs things.
...you'd know that he lights up a room.
...you'd know that he loves taking baths.
...you'd know that {as of right now} he wants to be a fireman when he gets bigger.
...you'd know that the Three Little Pigs is his favorite book/story.
...you'd know that he has a big heart and consoles other kids when they cry at school.


Again, I have to make myself stop there. I could talk about him forever as well.

I love my boys.
Oh...and you'd know he's so dang cute!


{If you really knew Nathan}

  Part 1 of a 3 part Series...
Nathan - today
Mason - tomorrow
Me - as told by Nathan - Thursday
If you really knew Nathan...

...you'd know that he's the best father to our Masonbug.
...you'd know that he is a bacterial meningitis survivor {post on that to come}.
...you'd know that he loves all things outdoors; shooting, hunting, fishing, sports, hiking, camping...everything.
...you'd know that he thought we were having a girl and was totally surprised at our sonogram when we found out Mason was a boy.
...you'd know that he loves baseball and football. Like watch {or listen on the radio} to the game, watch the highlights on ESPN after the game, and then check it all out on the net. Yeah, majorly kind of obsessed.
...you'd know that he works at Lockheed Martin Missiles &  Fire Control & has for 7 yrs now.
...you'd know that he is the oldest of 3 boys.
...you'd know that he'd do anything for anyone anytime
...you'd know he's a talker. Meets lots of people, even at the gas pump.
...you'd know that he's incredibly honest.
...you'd know that he's a good listener.
...you'd know that he rarely drinks, but when he does it's Shiner or ZiegenBock.
...you'd know that he finds mowing/weed-eating therapeutic
...you'd know that he's an insanely hard worker
...you'd know that he likes to cook...especially grill
...you'd know that he's always looking for his next project {usually a vehicle or gun}
...you'd know that he doesn't do dishes {but he can stack them pretty high in the sink}
...you'd know that he's a family man through and through.
...you'd know that he has been a hands-on type of Daddy since the minute Mason was born.
...you'd know that he's a Texas Country music kind of guy
...you'd know that part of his heart is and will always be in Oklahoma
...you'd know that he wishes he would have went into the military when he was younger.
...you'd know that he's pretty calm and collected until his baby boy gets sick. Then he gets serious, serious anxiety. 
...you'd know that he's had the same best friend since he was a toddler.
...you'd know that he has a big heart and is pretty sentimental.
...you'd know that he pretty much always makes the right/best decision. I lean on him like crazy in this area. 
...you'd know that he has a hard time buying things for himself.


I will stop there. Maybe this will be continued because I could talk about this man forever!
  Oh...and you'd know that he's pretty darn hot!!!

{Trip to the Dallas Zoo}

Back  September 15th we went to the Dallas Zoo with the Rochelles. I just realized I never posted about it. 
We had been wanting to get the boys together since they do not go to to the same school anymore. So, we decided on the Zoo. And we picked a really nice day for it. The weather was perfect!!

We all had such a great time.