{Last day of Third Grade}

Yesterday was Mason's last day of third grade. Cue the tears. And it was extra bittersweet because it was also his last day at this campus. We are sure going to miss everyone that we have grown to love so much at this school. This district is so different than when I was in school! I had 3 schools; elementary, middle and high school. Mason will go through 5 campuses before he graduates high school. So wild! Anyhow, Mason will be moving to the Intermediate for fourth grade. So, to say that the last day was sad is an understatement. Mason said so many of his classmates were crying. That just pulls at my heartstrings. Shows how much they loved their school, their teacher and their classmates. So sweet! Anyhow, here's a look at Mason's last day of third grade. 

{Sweet, sweet summertime // Summer bucket of fun}

At 12:30 this afternoon we will officially be on summer break!!!!!! 

{Summer bucketlist // 2019}

Since this week (at noon on Thursday to be exact) kicks off summer for us I thought I would share our summer bucket list for 2019. We sure do love our summers around here and try to make the absolute most of them. Here is a list of things we hope to do this summer.

Summer bucketlist - Hall Around Texas

{Art Gala & Recorder Concert}

Mason has been learning the recorder in his music class for the last several months. They finally got to showcase their hard work at the school's Art Gala & Recorder Concert. The school put on display the artwork of all three grade levels throughout the school and then had a couple of 3rd grade classes perform their recorder recital every 15 minutes or so. The evening was really well put together and it was so great to see Mason on stage! That boy has some major love of being on the stage and confidence. He certainly doesn't get that from me!

{Memorial Day}

{Road-trip goodie bag}

If you know anything about my family then you would know that we go on a lot of trips. Most of them are camping trip, but a trip nonetheless. Nate told me about how when he was a child that his mom would always make them a road trip goodie bag. It was filled with little treats and treasures to make the road-trip more fun. He knew this was one tradition that he wanted to carry on with Mason. And so we did. We still do it to this day and it's one of my favorite parts about a road-trip.

Road Trip Goodie Bag - Hall Around Texas

{Spring Bucketlist // what we did and didn't do}

Since summer is just a few days away I guess it's time to take a look at our spring bucketlist and see how we faired.

{Sunset supper at the lake}

One random weeknight, a Thursday to be exact, we decided to shake things up a bit for supper. We thought it would be fun to cook supper at the lake while watching the sunset. We gathered everything we needed for grilling some burgers and we were off.  

{Weekend Wrap-up // 3rd Grade Dance, Birthdays, Jeep Fest, church and bridal dress shopping}

Happy Tuesday y'all! It's 10:27 am and I am just now getting to start this post. Life has been CRAAAZZAAAYYY. But, I am sure most of you can relate with it being the end of the school year. There is so much going on around this time of year. And on top of that, we are leaving to go camping this weekend. So, I'm trying to prepare for all of the fun themed days Mason has this week, plus get us ready for camping. But, on the bright side, we are this close to summer!!!! Can I get an amen?  I just hope those summer weekends do not fly by as fast as this last one did. Here's a look at this past weekend.

{3 Things May}

My sweet friend Andrea shared a fun link-up called "Three Things May" and I wanted to join in. By the way, if you're not following Andrea do yourself a favor and head over there now. She's the sweetest most adorable human being you'll meet! I just adore her. Anyhow, here are my three things May.

{Sunday Funday}

A few weeks ago we had some Jeep friends over our house to hang out! We helped install some inner fenders on one of the Jeeps, but mostly we just hung out. It's always a fun time when we are all together. 

{Mother's Day weekend}

Happy Monday! I hope all of you mamas had a really great Mother's Day weekend! We had a fabulous weekend filled with so much family time. Friday and Saturday were pretty much a rainy mess, but Sunday was gorgeous. Here's a look at our weekend.

{Five on Friday // Dress Up week, One Second Every day, Rose, Camp, Life on Back Forty}

Happy Friday! This week actually went by pretty fast for me. Sunday through Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I had a migraine so that was blah! And then Wednesday it poured and poured. And as of right now the forecast is showing rain until Monday. Nonetheless, I am ready for the weekend. Here's a bit of what went on this week for Five on Friday...

{Unlimited Off-Road Show // 2019}

Back at the beginning of April, we attended the Unlimited Off-Road show at Texas Motor Speedway. It was a Saturday/Sunday event and I worked the entire time. On Saturday Nathan and I volunteered with some friends to work the first shift for the actual event itself. They needed volunteers something fierce and we didn't mind helping! We also got a free shirt as well as free admission for both days events! Definitely worth it. 

{Teacher Appreciation Week // Gift Ideas}

Happy Teacher appreciation week! It's the time to love on those teachers that pour into our children's hearts, minds and souls day after day. I couldn't be more grateful for the teachers that Mason has been blessed with! There are a million different ways of doing "teacher appreciation" but the method I've done since Mason was in Preschool is a smallish gift each day with a bigger gift on Friday. Here is what I am doing for Mason's teachers this year.

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Hall Around Texas

{Spring 2019 Bucketlist}

With my blogging hiatus I am a little late sharing our Spring bucketlist, but better late than never right? We've already crossed off several things on our list, but we've still got more to do! Here is a look at everything we hope to do this spring.

{Ellis County Jeep Meet}

Our local Jeep club has a meet up once a month. Our April meet up was at a new burger place in town only about 5 minutes from our house. Because of this, we took both Jeeps. The owners of the restaurant let us all park out in the field behind the place. There was a huge dirt/rock pile and you know as Jeepers we couldn't stay off. The owners were completely cool with it and even came out to take photos! Nate and I had both of our Jeeps on the dirt/rock pile, but it was hard to get shots with both Jeeps together.

{Easter at the Halls // 2019}

On Tuesday I shared our Easter at the lake, today I am going to share about our Easter with the Halls. We gathered Sunday afternoon to celebrate Easter and it was a lovely time. Nathan's Grandma was able to come and spend a few hours with us and it was just lovely.

{Currently // May 2019}

Happy May 1st!! I have mixed feelings about this month!! I am super excited because it's the last month of school (bring on summer!!!!), but then it's bittersweet because it's Mason's last month at his current school. He will be turning 9 on the 25th of May and will start 4th grade in August. Which, is at a different campus! How did we get here so fast? I don't even want to think about it. So, instead, let's take a look at what's currently going on.  Here is a look at what I am currently admiringplayingborrowingremembering, and finishing.