Getting big!!
Mason, you are kicking Mommy more and more everyday!
Love it and you so very much :)

Kick me all you want sweet boy!

Mason - last night you were kicking mommy sooooo hard! Daddy got to feel it too. I just love it. Keep on baby boy!!!! I love you!!!


Our baby boy at 22w5d
This sonogram was to check his heart (the 4 chambers and vessels)
Mason is measuring right on schedule. Heart looked good and measurements are great.
Mason was 1lb2oz at this sonogram

Of course the first good picture we got was of his "boy parts" :)

This is Mason's face

Mason's heart and heartrate

Both of his feet

Counting toes...

Mason trying to suck his thumb...

And again...

And this next picture is the center of my universe right now!! Mason gave us a "Thumbs Up" during our sonogram and held it plenty long enough for us to see and get a picture of it. Nathan and I take this as a sign from him saying, "Everything is okay Mommy and Daddy"!!!!!!! Melts my heart.

Daddy waiting on the doctor...

Mommy waiting on the doctor...



Sorry, kind of late on posting these!


Mommy loves you sweet boy!

Thank God for a great evening!!!!

First off, today was a pretty stressful day for both mommy and daddy. Nothing seemed to go right for either of us! We were both so ready to just be home and enjoy our evening together. Well, little did we know that tonight was going to be absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Daddy and the FedEx guy pulled up at the same time! Your bedding finally came in!! We opened it and LOVED it and are so glad we went with that choice!! It's a "barn dance" theme and so cute. The colors are great and match all the things we have previously bought! Yay! So that was a great turn on our not-so-great day! Then we were relaxing on the couch after dinner and you started kicking mommy!!! I told Daddy that you were moving and he started feeling on my stomach. You kicked his hand several times. I was amazed when Daddy said he could feel you. We swapped out his hand with my hand and I felt you too!!! You kicked us several times...in the lower left region of Mommy's stomach! It was truly amazing!!! You just made our evening!!! Thanks baby boy! And we get to see you bright and early tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

Pictures of your new bedding
"Barn Dance"

For now the quilt is just layed over the crib, we are contemplating hanging it on the wall behind the crib. Not sure yet! Decisions decisions!!

Up close picture of the pattern:

Inside of crib:

Mommy @ 22w4d


Mommy - getting big!!!


Daddy - 22w4d ;)


And again ;)

These were the first pair of boots and Nikes your mommy and daddy gave cousin Tanner. He has given them back to you so that you can wear/enjoy them!

And then Mommy and Daddy got you your first pair of flip flops!!! They are so tiny and cute.

In comparison to Daddy's hands:

Your new outfits!!

This one says "Tought like Daddy"

Uncle Bud made this boot bank for your Daddy in 1982 and he's passing it on to you!

Daddy's Mommy made/painted him this music box when he was a baby, it has also found it's new home in your room!!

Whew! Long post! That's it for now.



Okay, I am a little behind posting these. These are from our sonogram with the doctor.