{Rhinoceros! Rhinoceros}

Mason's favorite animal right now is none other than a
He flips out when he sees one and repeats "Rhinoceros" a gazillion times! He even wakes talking about them! 
It's so darn cute.

{just another sign...}

...that my sweet boy is growing up!
His Mimi and Papa got him a Toy Story table and chair set for Christmas
and he absolutely loves it!!!
He will not sit at in his highchair anymore...has to eat at his own table.
:: sigh ::
So, the table pretty much resides in my living room.
When he's not eating on it...he's playing cars on it!

Sometimes he sits in the chairs
and sometimes he stands!

{Hide Mommy, Hide Daddy}

We got Mason a tent for Christmas
and it's one of his favorite things right now.
He loves to eat his after school snacks in it and watch Chuggington.

And he loves for Mommy or Daddy to get in with him and 
I think we may need to look for a slightly larger tent soon!!

{Big boy undies}

I was shopping at Target the other day and found a pack of boys undies on clearance...in Mason's size...so I bought them.
I thought it'd be good to have some on hand for when he's ready to potty train. And on sale, heck yeah!
Well...one day I had the urge to put them on him.
For pictures, of course.
Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So cute.

I didn't even cry.
It's weird the things that make me cry and the things that don't.
I totally would have expected this to make me cry.
Because only BIG boys wear undies.
But I couldn't get over how cute he looked.
It just made me smile!!

{Mason's Moves}

Mason loves music! He loves to sing and dance...
especially in the car!

This was on our trip home from Beaver's Bend.
He was extremely tired and starting to get a tummy ache...
but still got in a few moves.
He's so darn cute!

{Before his haircut, obviously!} 

Not sure where we were going on this one...
but it's funny!
He yells at a truck to move out of our way
then starts dancing!!!

And in this one he is singing and then spots something
yellow out the window!


{Hippo Pottamus and Jalepemo}

These were taken back before Christmas, but I had to post them.
Mason saying Hippo Pottamus and Jalepemo.
{He now can say them right}

{Oh Masonbug, I love you too son!}

This morning while driving to take Mason to school he says, 
"Mommy", I say "Yes baby" 
and he says...
"I wuvvvv you"
{with an emphasis on "wuv"}
This makes 1 of about 4 times he has said it on his own.
Totally catches me off guard...
and makes my entire day!

{My dearest Mason}

Dear Mason,

My sweet little boy, my little love, my little best friend, the little guy that made me a Mommy...I love you

I want to bottle up all of these times, these memories and store them on a shelf so that when you're off to college I can pull them out and reminisce. I don't want to forget one single moment. 

I just can't believe how grown up you are now! Some days {okay, everyday} I look at you and tears just stream down my face. Tears of joy, tears of admiration, tears of contentment, tears of happy and tears of love. I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming. You are so sweet, loving and you have such a gentle soul.

You say please and thank you almost always on your own now. You give hugs and shower those you love with kisses. You get concerned when someone is crying and want to console them. You pat my back when we are laying down for bed. {words can't even describe what that little pat does for your Mommy} And you love your Daddy something fierce!

I love to ask you, "Mason, are you Mommy's favorite?" to which you always reply, "Favorite? Yes ma'aaaaaam". I know I ask you that at least once day day because, 1.) I want you to know that forever and always, and 2.) I love your answer!!!

I love to watch you with your Father. The way you both lay on your bellies in the living room floor and drive tractors around making silly little noises. Or how you cuddle up on the couch and read books. And I especially love when you two climb on the tractor outside and go for a ride. 

There is nothing that excites you like that of a tractor!!

Your Daddy and I are amazed by you everyday. Whether it's pointing out the color of everything in sight, saying your ABCs, singing in the backseat of the car, or even when you are just playing, we couldn't be more proud.

Please stay little!! Please! This is your Mommy begging you. You're growing up too fast my little man. 

It's so bittersweet...

{Wordless Wednesday}

{Mason and his animals}

We have us an animal lover on our hands!! Mason loves all kinds of animals....even plastic ones!

We saw this {plastic} dog at Old Navy and Mason fell in love. He was petting it, talking to it and hugged it several times! 

Yesterday Nate's mom and brother took Mason to the FFA barn to see Ty's pig and Mason made friends with the barn cat {eww!}. The cat kept following Mason and he told the cat "Hold my hand". haha! So sweet, that boy is!

{Someone got a haircut...}

Mason's first haircut...
It wasn't even planned!! We were running around on a Sunday afternoon and I casually said, "We should go get Mason's haircut". And.......Nathan took the bait! He agreed to it. So I started googling on my phone for kids places for hair cuts. I found one and within a couple hours we were there. 

We went to Kids Cuts and it was really neat! They have all kinds of stuff for kids; train tables, video games, movies, and cool seats to sit in. Mason had a blast playing with the train table, and of course made some friends while doing so.
The only bad thing was that there was ONE person working the entire shop. And by one I mean she did everything; cut, clean, work the cash register, everything! Needless to say we were there a couple hours.

Mason did perfect!! He had a blast sitting in the Fire Engine. He didn't squirm, fuss or anything. It helped that Toy Story was playing right in front of him. He kept saying:
Woowee {Woody}

And? I didn't even cry! I was excited and ready for this hair cut. I only teared up once and that was afterwards. My 19 month old suddenly became a 4 year old. Wow! Just like that. 

I love the haircut...and he does too!!

{Beaver's Bend}

A few days after Christmas we took a camping trip to Beaver's Bend. It's a nice camping resort nestled in the Kiamichi Mountains of OK. Beaver's Bend holds a lot of precious memories for Nathan and I. It's the first {long} trip I ever went on with Nathan and his family {almost 15 years ago!!}. We usually go the week after Christmas every year. This was Mason's first time to go to Beaver's Bend and we were excited to share "our place" with him. {Not sure why we skipped 2 years, but it makes me sad that we did.}

This year Nate's parent's rented us a little cabin. That was lovely since we have a toddler. We had a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Nate's parents and his youngest brother stayed in their camper just around the way from us.

We didn't do a whole lot but eat, hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenery! But it was relaxing and just what we needed after the holidays. One of our favorite things to do at Beaver's Bend {besides fish} is drive around and look at all the animals. There are tons of deer everywhere, and most of them are not skiddish. Mason really enjoyed it!! We saw deer, racoons, rabbits, birds and squirrels. Oh and somewhere along the way we saw buffalo.

Mason's new words coming out of this trip:

Tabin = Cabin
Dat-toon = Racoon
Deyah = Deer
Fuffalo = Buffalo

Oh man I could just listen to him say Fuffalo over and over and over!!

Beaver's Bend - you never disappoint!!!

I took a gazillion pictures...but all with my point and shoot. My big camera is still being repaired!!