Every year our town puts on a trick-or-treat event on the town square. Most of the businesses on the square, the city hall, local businesses not on the square, the police/sheriff dept,  etc. all set up tables around the square and pass out candy to the kiddos. It's such a fun time with the most beautiful setting. I may be biased, but I truly believe we have one of the cutest town squares and an amazing old courthouse! It truly is a beautiful thing to see all of these businesses come together for the kids. They pass out so much candy. Mason had a fairly large bag and it was filled to the brim!!   

It was so full that Mason made the comment "Mom, I don't think we need to trick or treat on Halloween. We have plenty of candy to last a while!" lol. So, we may just stay in on Halloween and watch some Halloween movies. 

My mother-in-law took Mason a bit early to get a parking spot and get a start on things. My sister and her boys met up with them and I joined after work. My sister-in-law met us a bit later with her boys.  While it was crazy busy, we still had a wonderful time.  The littles were so cute in their costumes and saying "trick or treat". There's nothing better than getting to see holidays through a child's eyes! 

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