{Five on Friday // T-Rex, TCU, Lexi in a Calendar, Skies}

Happy Friday! Even though we are supposed to get a ton of rain this weekend I am really looking forward to the weekend!! I plan to get a lot of crafting and cleaning and organizing done! I ordered enough groceries to just stay in this weekend and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home. This is so rare for us! Normally we have a million plans going on! I'm a bit excited.

Anyhow. here's a look at what's going on in our little world right now.

ONE | TRex in the morning drop-off line!! 

Monday morning was a pretty rough one! I mean, who likes mornings? Especially Monday mornings. Then we get to school and a sweet lady that we adore changes our whole attitudes around! She was getting kids out of the cars while wearing a T-Rex costume!! And, she just happened to get Mason out of the Jeep. A little backstory on her...she works in the science lab and turned it into a "Jurassic World" themed room. It's super cool and all of the kids love it. I also heard that she wore the costume to all three lunch periods!! 

{Fall 2018 Bucketlist}

With the first day of fall being on Saturday, I wanted to share our fall bucket list. I was going to share it on the actual first day of fall, but then I saw there was a link-up for it today. So here we are. Anyhow, it's finally my favorite season of all. I mean, I love summer because my boy is home with me, but fall is my absolute favorite. There is just something about that time of year that makes my heart feel so full and happy. I'm obsessed with all things pumpkin and just the very feeling of fall.  Compiling and completing a fall bucket list has always been such a fun time in our house. And, it's the one thing I have been consistent with on the blog. All of the fall festivities are my favorite and so good for my soul! Here's a look at our Fall Bucketlist for 2018...

{Who God says I am}

In a world where we are pulled in many different directions and are constantly made to feel like we are never enough I am so thankful that I serve a God that says I am worth it. That I am enough. That I am His. My true identity is in Christ and in Christ alone. I turn to these scriptures when I need to be reminded of just that. And maybe you need to read these today, too.
Hall Around Texas Who God Says I am

{Weekend Wrap-up // Date Night, Date Day, Church, Friends from New Mexico}

Happy Tuesday! Because I couldn't get my stuff together and blog for yesterday, today is the day I recap our lovely weekend!! Mondays are hard, y'all! And Mason had some stomach issues Sunday night that made us all a little more groggy on a Monday. He's fine now and feels much better. Thank the Lord! Here's a look at our weekend...

{Five on Friday // Chocolate, Magnifying glass, Pups, DIY, Jeepin}

Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by in a flash. And yes, I'm fully aware that by saying that this will be the longest Friday in the history of ever! haha! But, I hope not. I'm excited and ready to get this Friday started. Mason is spending the night at one of our Pastor's house with his friend so that means date night for Nathan and I. We haven't fully planned our evening, but we have planned our Saturday morning! We are going to get up early and try out a new and adorable coffee shop in town and then we will be heading to Dallas to the vinyl store. I have so many projects that I've started but need vinyl to complete them. I can't wait to share them all on here. Anyhow, here's a look at Five on Friday.

{Pinterest to Project // vol. 1 // Fall door hanger}

I don't know about you, but I have way too many pins saved on Pinterest and never follow through with making any of them. I've had a board labeled "Do This" for years and do you want to know how many of those pins I've actually turned into a reality? ZERO. I've decided that I want to change that and start turning my pins into projects. And of course, I'm going to share it here on the blog! So, here is my first installment of Pinterest to Project. Hall Around Texas Pin to Project

{10 Favorite Fall Staples}

Because I am obsessed with all things fall I am joining in with Erin for 10 on the 10th {or on the 11th in my case} for 10 Favorite Fall Staples. These are just ten things that make my fall loving heart oh so happy!

{Hello Monday // Weekend Wrapup // Bible study, hanging out with friends, church, bridal shower}

Happy Monday! This weekend was so, so good for my heart and for my soul. Sunday after church I found myself getting sad that the weekend was almost over. It was that good! But then I decided to make the most of the weekend that was left! Here's a look at our weekend...

{Five on Friday // September vol 1 // GT, Cozy Q&A, Jeep Meet, Rooster}

Happy Friday! It's usually the short weeks seem the longest, but that was not the case this week. This week seemed to fly by and I'm not mad about it. I'm ready for another weekend. Like always. Tonight we have our first bible study since our summer break. I'm looking forward to spending time in the word with sweet friends and just hanging out together. Saturday we are hanging out with some friends and Sunday is church and a bridal shower at church for a dear friend. It's going to be a great weekend!! But for now, a little Five on Friday...

{2018 Summer Bucketlist // Final Update}

Before it's all things fall around here I need to recap our summer. We really did have an amazing summer and it would be a shame if I didn't re-cap it. Also, it needs to be posted here on the blog since this is our family scrapbook. Today I'm going to update our 2018 summer bucket list. A final update.

{Currently // September edition}

Happy Wednesday! It's hard to believe that it's already been a month since my blogging hiatus ended. Currently was one of the first few posts I published when I started blogging again! It feels like just last week that I published that one and here we are with another installment. Anyhow, joining in with Anne in Residence for the monthly "Currently" link-up. Here's a look at what I am currently startingbuyingsharingreadingrecording.

Hall Around Texas Currently

{Prime Purchases // September edition}

It's the first Tuesday of the month which means it's time to link-up that Tanya's Prime Purchases Link-up. Amazon Prime continues to be one of my favorite things ever and I love to see what others buy from there. I have to be honest and say that I haven't made very many purchases from Prime lately. Who am I even? It's been too busy around here to even think about shopping.