{Memorial Day Weekend // The Jolly Pirate Ship}

On Saturday, we rode on the Jolly Pirate Ship in Conroe, TX. It was a fun activity to do with the kids. The littles were so excited about it! Mason might have been excited but he's a teenager now and too cool to say so! :) 

{Memorial Day Weekend // Pirate everything!!}

One of the main reasons we went to Lake Conroe over the Memorial Day weekend holiday was to ride on the Jolly Pirate Ship! Nate's mom and I decided to put together a cute little pirate-themed scavenger hunt on one of the days (before our ride on the ship). It was so fun to put together with her. Check out my TikTok for videos on that!


{Our Lakehouse Rental for Memorial Day Weekend}

Nate's parents booked the most beautiful house for our family Memorial Day trip! The house was on Lake Conroe, just a couple hours from home. 


{Mason's 13th birthday}

Mason is THIRTEEN!!! We officially have a teenager and it feels so strange to say that. I know every parent says this and it's incredibly cliche, but I am not sure where all the time went. It has flown by in a flash. If I wasn't already, I am now hyper-aware of these fleeting moments!!  I can't even think about that right now. 

Happy Birthday my sweetest boy!!

{Michelle's Birthday}

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating our sister-in-law Michelle's birthday! We went to Firehouse Gastro Pub in Grand Prairie for lunch and it was delicious. We were able to get a table out on the lawn/patio and it was the perfect day! 


{Mason's Special Visitor // Victor E Green}

 Mason's grandparents pulled off the ultimate birthday surprise for him...

{Ranger's Game // Lexus Club}

On Wednesday we were able to attend the Texas Rangers baseball game! We were gifted some amazing seats in the Lexus Club section! This was our first time ever sitting in the Lexus Club! The tickets came with an you can eat/drink option and the kids loved that. We had 8 tickets so some of our friends were able to join us. 

{Mother's Day // 2023}

We had a really lovely Mother's Day this year! It started with church and then ended with lunch at Nate's parent's house! 

{A Sweet Saturday with family}

We had such a sweet and wholesome Saturday! I always love days that are filled with family time. We started with hockey in the morning, then baseball in the afternoon, and then a late lunch together.  


Nate and I were able to snag some Dallas Stars playoff tickets against the Seattle Kraken! It was one of the most fun (and intense) games we have been to yet. The whole vibe was a little more electric - which is saying a lot since these games always are! They had so many things going on outside of the AAC before the game. 

{A Sunday well spent}

We had such a good, wholesome Sunday!! It was mixed with just the perfect balance of work and chill. We worked on the chicken coop, went fishing, visited with Nate's Grandma for her birthday, and let Willow outside for a bit.