{Unmet Expectations // Church}

I recently shared this on Facebook but wanted to have it here on my blog also. I know that I may need to see this reminder again one day.

Nate worked an overtime shift yesterday (12/11) and was at work during church times. We had talked to Mason about him coming with me. He was onboard and we even talked about getting donuts before. I was excited. Fast forward to Sunday morning. I went to wake Mason and he didn’t want to get up and go. He was exhausted from a busy weekend and just didn’t want to get out of bed. I was frustrated. With him and with the situation. In tears, I grabbed my stuff and left the house. I put in a Sonic drink order and headed that way. The whole way there I tried talking myself out of going to church by myself. I got my drink and somehow drove straight to our church while still trying to talk myself out of it. The normal area where we park was muddy so I went to the main parking lot. I parked right across from a Jeep friend. As I was gathering my stuff to go inside, I saw two more Jeep friends. They invited me to sit with them. The church looked beautiful, all decorated for church. Worship was amazing. And then the Pastor comes out. And guess what the sermon was about? Being frustrated with unmet expectations…
Do you think this is all a coincidence? No. Not even close. Only God! As much as I tried talking myself out of going, God led me straight there. Then He had me park in a different lot. Then He showed up again having me arrive at the same time as our friends and then inviting me to sit with them instead of sitting by myself. And then the sermon? God. Only God! He is always on time and He always shows up.
It’s not about me and being worried about sitting by myself at church. It’s about God and keeping our eyes focused on Him. It’s about showing up, opening our Bible, praying, and trusting Him in all things. It’s about changing our hearts and our minds so we can better reflect and see Him.
God, thank you for your grace and mercy in those unmet expectations.

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