{Meat Therapy // Nate's birthday // 2021}

 For Nate's 40th birthday this year, he went to a Meat Therapy session. Nathan's younger brother, Ty planned this event months in advance and it was the coolest idea ever! Nate, his brother, and his dad all went and had a blast.

So what is Meat Therapy? It's a private event at a historical home here in our hometown put on by a man and his wife. It's a hands-on experience where they teach you the prep, process, and presentation of your meat of choice. They chose steaks for their session. In addition, you can enjoy a smokey old-fashioned or a local craft beer as well as a cigar. In their downtime, they hung out by a fire and chatted. Then you get to eat the meal you prepared! Cool, right? 

While we were totally jealous of the night the guys were having, we still had fun on our girl's night! We went shopping, prepared some things for Christmas, built a chicken coop gingerbread house, and watched Bad Mom's Christmas! Oh, and our oven pizza was top-notch! haha. 

Fun night all around!

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