{Trick or Treating // Halloween 2021}

 Our small neighborhood consists of mostly retired people who do not participate in Halloween/Trick or Treating. Not to mention that even if they did, the houses are so spread out. So, every year we have to drive into town to go trick or treating! We don't mind it, though. It's become a tradition to trick or treat Gingerbread Lane (main street in our town with old Victorian homes)!! My sister and her family joined us this year.

We ended up on the same street that The Catfish Plantation was on, so I went to take a couple of pictures. The Catfish Plantation is a restaurant inside of an old Victorian home built in 1895. It is believed to be haunted and has been on multiple TV shows because of it. The restaurant is reported to have three ghosts taking up residence there; Elizabeth, Will and Caroline. You can read more about it here

After we finished trick or treating, we went to Nate's parent's house for a steak dinner! Nana and Papa had a Boo bag for Mason to open!

Another fun and successful Halloween for the books!

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