{Dallas Holiday Parade // 2021}

 This year we were invited to be a part of the (televised) Dallas Parade! They chose four Jeep clubs in the metroplex to have various jobs throughout the parade. I felt so honored to be chosen for one of those positions in the parade!

We had to be in Dallas and lined up by 5:30 am - so we had an early wakeup call of 4 am! We got to our staging area and got all of the parade rules, line-up number, and parade pass. Then we put the final touches on our decorations before moving to our final staging spot. 

There were only four of us in our final staging area. We were the parade openers!!! Those last 3 hours until the parade started seemed to fly by pretty fast! We hung out, watched all the other floats/cars/participants line up, and triple checked our decorations. 

And then it was GO time!!!!!! I was a little nervous since it was my first parade to ever drive in. And it was a BIG parade. And did I mention it was televised? A sweet friend took the time to pray with me before the parade started and it helped so much! I'm so thankful for sweet friends that will pray with you.

The parade was a complete blast! We loved every minute of it. I hope we get this opportunity again next year. 

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