{Christmas at home // 2021}

 After spending Christmas Eve with my family, we came home and started preparing things for Christmas at home. Mason sprinkled his reindeer food, put out the Santa key, innkeeper's key, etc. Then he was off to bed!

 Santa came shortly after and I actually caught him on camera!! 

Then Nate and I were off to bed. We knew we had to be awake between 8-9 am to be able to have time at home before heading to the Halls. 

We all slept well and were so excited for Christmas morning!! 

Us & Santa brought Mason more than he could have ever hoped for. His favorites were the Glock Airsoft Pistol and his Apple Watch! He was one happy boy. Christmas at home is such a special time to me. I love spending those moments with just us three at our home. I know that Christmases with Mason at home will not always be a thing, so I am soaking up every moment and storing those memories in my heart. 

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