{Board and Brush Christmas Party // 2021}

 Every year my coworkers and I gather for a Christmas celebration. There are only three of us here in the DFW area and the rest of the company resides in the Seattle, WA area. We usually meet for supper and then go to some kind of hands-on event. We have done cooking classes, painting with a twist, and for the last few years, we have done Board and Brush. Board and Brush is a DIY woodworking studio. It's such a fun time and then you get to bring home an awesome piece for your home. The first year I made a huge nativity sign, the second year I made a wood Christmas box (that I fill with twinkle lights, ornaments, and pine cones), and this year I made...

A tray! My first thoughts were to use it as a Charcuterie Board tray, but now I am not so sure. Everyone at the studio suggested that I hang it on a wall instead. And, I think I like that idea! Maybe just put it somewhere that is easy to get to, in case I want to use it sometime. 

Board and Brush is one of my favorite places! I want to plan an event with some girlfriends and some family members. I think they'd all have a blast. 

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