The second day of our trip included a full itinerary all in Big Bend National Park! Keri was so great to create us an itinerary to go off of. On our agenda was Santa Elena Canyon, Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, Mule Ears Viewpoint, Lower Burro Mesa Pour-off, Panther Junction Visitor Center, and the Window View Trail at Sunset! We were so anxious to finally see B I G  B E N D!!!

We met at a gas station in town so that we could fuel up and get some ice for our coolers and a little breakfast in our stomachs. Then we were Big Bend bound! Once we got on the main road that led from Alpine to Big Bend, it started getting prettier by the minute! And once the mountains came into view, I started to get so excited. The mountains bring my heart so much peace and joy and happiness! I really need to live where the mountains are a part of my daily view! 

We stopped in Terlingua to gas up again because we heard that any time you pass a gas station, you fuel up! Fuel stations are far and few in between the deeper you get into the Big Bend National Park. The views around were pretty great! PS - I have heard about Terlingua my entire life...it was NOTHING like I had expected. At least from this area...

Once we actually entered the NP we drove straight to Panther Junction Visitor Center so that we could get our park pass for the weekend. The visitor center was really nice, had clean bathrooms, and a few souvenirs. We got our park map and were on our way! 

First up was the Ross Maxwell Scenic drive! It was so pretty...windy roads threw the mountains. We had to stop for some pictures.

Next was the lower burro mesa hike! While it was a fairly short hike, the terrain was uneven, rocky, and sandy! It was worth it, though! Such pretty views. 

Then we went over to the Mule Ears Viewpoint! These rock formations were so cool!! 

Next, we drove over to the Santa Elena Canyon! This is where the river divides Mexico and Texas! We were really looking forward to seeing this. We stopped at the lookout on the way to the actual canyon. It was so cool to see in person, finally! 

After spending some time at the canyon, we decided to take some of the "off-road" trails. These were merely washboard gravel roads...but it was nice to get off the pavement for a bit. 

We ended the day with a drive over to the Window View trail at sunset. I'm so glad we did this! The drive there and the trail itself were just beautiful! Keri and I are both the biggest sunset chasers...but sunsets are even better in the mountains! 

We were all starving after a full day in Big Bend so we drove to Terlingua. Our plan was to eat at Starlight Diner, but there was a 2 1/2 hour plus wait. We were exhausted and too hungry to wait so we drove to another restaurant there. It was interesting to say the least and we didn't feel very comfortable/safe there. 

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