{My Merry Little Chicken Coop // 2021}

 I knew at the beginning of the season that I wanted to add a little Christmas cheer to my chicken coop! So, I bought some poinsettias and whipped up a sweet little Christmas wreath! It made my heart so happy to see a little Christmas out at my chicken coop! It really is the little things...

Fast forward a couple weeks...

I texted Nate and asked if we could add Christmas lights to my chicken coop next year. He replies with "I'll do it tonight"!! That was not the answer I was expecting! I thought it was too late in the season and that he would just go with 'next year'. Goodness, I love him. He had just made my whole day. I couldn't wait to see my coop decked out in Christmas lights.

I love that you can see the lights on the chicken coop from the road (coop is way back on our property)!! 

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