{We are going on a Disney Cruise!!!!}

 Sometime last week I got a text from my mother-in-law telling me to be sure to take off work the week after Christmas. I knew it was for a family vacation, but I wasn't sure where we were going. My mind immediately went to a cabin in the snowy mountains because we loved our trip in January so much. And we had talked about spending Christmas in a cabin before and how awesome that would be. Fast forward to Saturday evening when my in-laws invited everyone over for a dinner. I had a feeling they were going to announce the trip to everyone. 

The minute we got there and I saw balloons hiding under a bag, I figured it out! I knew where we were going...

We are going on a Disney cruise!!!!

How awesome is that? We leave out of Galveston, TX shortly after Christmas and will be cruising for the next five days. We will cruise to Cozumel and back. We will be cruising for Nathan's birthday! Sounds like a great way to ring in the big 4-0 if you ask me! The entire Hall family is going and we all have rooms with verandahs. We are ecstatic.

This is our first cruise, EVER! I am not sure why we have never been on one before and now we are getting to cruise with DISNEY! I am betting we are going to be spoiled after this one. 

Let the Disney Cruise planning begin...

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