{Halloween Party at our friend's house}

 Some of our friends invited us to an adult-only costume party at their house. Nathan and I never do anything like this (including dressing up) so we thought why the heck not? We decided to go with a classic theme...

"Talk To Me, Goose."

We had so much fun hanging dressing up in a costume! It's literally been years since I have worn a costume for Halloween! And this theme was perfect! Nate's costume was extra special because he got to borrow some fun patches from a friend who is in the AirForce! 

The Pratt's house looked amazing!! It was decorated so perfectly. 

Check out the food...(it was all delicious, too)!!

And the costumes were awesome! There was Hugh Heffner & a Playboy Bunny, a Mermaid/Merman, A Pimp and his Girl, and a very Patriotic couple. So much fun!

While we missed Mason, it was fun to throw and adult-only part into the Halloween mix! 

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