{Merry JEEPmas // Decorating the Jeep for Christmas parades // 2021}

 Besides wheeling, Christmas parades are my absolute favorite thing ever to do our Jeep clubs! This year, Nathan and I were invited to so many parades. We settled on doing four! We are in our hometown parade, a nearby town's parade, the TELEVISED (eeekkkk) Dallas parade, and another smalltown parade. We are so excited! Three of the four are night-time light-up parades. This takes a lot of planning and prepping, but it's so worth it. 

I began decorating the Jeep yesterday and just started with wrapping the spare tire and adding my antlers and Rudolph nose! I love putting the Rudolph pieces on each Christmas season! 

I am almost embarrassed to say how long that spare tire took me! Over 3 hours and it's not even done. I know there are some gaps, but I am waiting until closer to time for the parades to fill in the holes. I know it will shift between now and then also. But for now, it works.

Merry JEEPmas!!!

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