On our second (and last) day in Big Bend, we were on the road by 8:30 am. We were trying to fit as much into these two days that we could. We weren't able to get pictures at the Big Bend sign the day before because there were too many people there. So we made sure to stop on our last day there.

Both Mason and Nathan's son were asleep in the Jeep so they missed out on our group picture! I couldn't blame them for catching a nap, though! 

We gassed up the Jeeps and began our way towards Lost Mine Trail. We passed this hike on the way to the Chisos Mountain Lodge the day before. It was supposed to be a really pretty trail, but we didn't make it too far. It was cold and the trail was straight up! We were tired not long after we started. But, we did see some pretty views! 

Next, we headed over to Grapevine Hills/Balanced rock (another hike). This one was long but very pretty. The sun had come out and warmed us up. We saw a tarantula and mountain goats while on this trail!

Then we headed over to a Dinosaur Fossil Exhibit area to let the kids stretch their legs a big. It ended up being really cool and Nate and I enjoyed it.

After the fossil exhibit, we headed toward the Hot Springs. This was actually a really pretty drive to get to! The Hot Springs area was actually really interesting. It was a very beautiful area, but it was right on the Mexico border. Meaning, there are very tempting homemade items from Mexico along the walk. While they are very tempting, we were told not to buy anything. And then there were people on the Mexico side of the river yelling out things! We checked out the hot springs (which was completely full) and then we were on our way! 

After the Hot Springs, we headed towards River Road East. It was an "off-road" route that would take us over to Black Gap - the only Jeep of Honor Badge Trail in Big Bend. 

After we finished Black Gap trail, we found a good spot to air the Jeeps back up. Then we called it a day! Grabbed some food and went back to the lodge. 

All in all, it was a great trip! We were so thankful for the time we got to spend with our wonderful friends. Big Bend is nothing shy of absolutely beautiful!! 

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