{Cookie Decorating Party @ Nana's House // 2021}

 Today we went over to Mason's Nana's house to bake and decorate cookies for Christmas! It ended up being Michelle and I mostly baking and decorating them all! haha! The kids all ran around and played and Nana spent most of her time with the grands! But, it was a blast and I shaped up on my decorating skills - sorta. lol! 

Mason got a marshmallow snowflake decorating kit from his elves, so we brought that along with us! It had edible paint and it was so fun. Mason let me decorate one of the six! 

Then it was time for the cookie decorating! The boys all decorated one cookie each. Cooper had a little fun with all of the sprinkles! haha.

I just treasure these family moments and pray that these sweet boys will carry on these traditions with their kids one day. 

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