{Rolling in the Waxahachie Christmas parade with Ellis County Jeeps // 2021}

 On Tuesday, we got to take part in our hometown Christmas parade with our local Jeep club! The Christmas parade in Waxahachie is one that we look forward to each year! It's always a complete blast and so neat to see everyone lined up on the roads to watch the parade! It's also fun to hear when people we know yell at us and wave. And, lighting up those kids' faces will always be my favorite part! 

This year, Nate's mom and brother rode with us in the parade. It was so great to have them with us. We had to be at our staging area no later than 5:30 and I think the parade started at 7. We hung out, finished decorating the Jeeps, watched all the other floats roll into their staging area, and took tons of photos and videos! 

Then it was GO-time! There were so many people watching the parade, especially in the downtown area. We saw so many familiar faces and it was just awesome!!! The Jeeps are always a huge hit because we go all out for the parade. 

Can't wait for the other three parades!!!




2020 - didn't happen because of Covid

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