My Christmas crafts for this year consisted mostly of things for our Disney cruise! We get to decorate our stateroom doors - using magnetic pieces! So, we had to devise a plan for our doors. We are also partaking in a magnet exchange for our cruise, so I made magnets for that as well. And then I wanted to make ornaments for each family coming on the cruise! It's been a Disney-themed Christmas!!

For our stateroom door, I made a garland and then made a piece to represent each of us three! I love that Mason's has glasses! Our door will also be peppered with various magnets from everyone in our magnet exchange group! I can't wait to see what everyone chose to give out. 

For the magnet exchange, I found clear acrylic Mickey heads on Amazon so I slapped on some cardstock to the back and wrote Wonder 21 (name of our cruise) on the front. Oh, and on the back, I put who it was from! I can't wait to find everyone's door and leave them one of these. I think it will be like a fun scavenger hunt!

And then the ornament I made for everyone...

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